Italian-based Costa Cruises has bolstered the launch of its 2009 programme with a special ‘Grand Voyages’ brochure.

The brochure has been designed to complement the existing 2009 brochure by showcasing Costa’s unique and innovative cruises in an aesthetically striking way, with 122 glossy pages of destination images alongside descriptions of the unique itineraries, fascinating shore excursions and enigmatic fleet.

The ‘Grand Voyages’ theme also simplifies the options by highlighting the ‘out of the ordinary’ cruise destinations offered by the cruise line, with transoceanic cruises to or from the Caribbean, South America and Canada from Europe, plus fascinating positioning cruises to the Middle East and Mauritius and from Dubai to Singapore.

Costa is currently celebrating its 60th anniversary with a series of promotions and events. For more info, visit or call 0845 351 0552 (in the UK), or and 1877 88 COSTA.