Cruise Encounter of the Fjord Kind as Marco Polo meets Britannia

It’s David and Goliath. Or Little and Large. Old versus new. Whichever way you look at it, a great picture. Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ plucky little Marco Polo had a close encounter with P&O Cruises’ Britannia at Flåm in Norway, and CMV passenger Karen Bradbury captured this shot.

Head of marketing, Mike Hall said “It brings it home to us all at CMV that operating a fine classic ocean liner, especially one that is celebrating her 50th Birthday, has many advantages.  The travelling  public has never had so much choice to go cruising. The fact that CMV is more than 85% sold already for this year indicates that the traditional style of smaller ship British cruising is alive and doing very well.”

Marco Polo passenger Mark Greenhalgh added: “This shows the difference between classic cruising and the big new ships. On Marco Polo with open, tiered, aft decks you get to experience a true sailaway, seeing your destination slip away from sight as you leave, whereas most new ships have a sailaway party on the top deck around the pool where you can’t see anything. We had a fantastic time and took some really amazing pictures.”


Marco Polo/Britannia:

Tonnage 22,080/143,000

History 50 years/2 months

Cabins 425/1,837

Passengers  800/4,324


PICTURE: Karen Bradbury