On deck Monday 8th January 2018

18th January 2018

Black Watch is in the straits of Florida right now – we’re 38 nautical miles from Florida. It’s very breezy today on the open decks and quite cold.

We’ve sailed 1,023 nautical miles since leaving Bermuda and have 141 nautical miles to go before we reach Havana. Currently sailing at 10 knots. We should be alongside tomorrow morning by 8am.

Dinner last night in The Black Watch Room was superb! Since Fred. Olsen introduced the steak and seafood specialty restaurant to its fleet, I’ve been lucky enough to try them all and the food last night aboard Black Watch was the best I’ve had.

Charred scallops with snow peas to start, followed by a 10oz 35-day aged filet mignon with lobster tail and prawns. Everything was delicious, my meat cooked exactly to my liking. The additional charge is £20pp and it’s worth every penny.

17th January 2018

The weather is grim today, cold and wet, but we’re still on track for Havana. We’ve been sailing for 44 hours since we left St. George’s in Bermuda, we’ve covered 732 nautical miles at 16.6 knots and have 432 nautical miles to go before we reach Havana.

We’ll pass Florida at around 10pm tonight and if the sky has cleared by then, we may even see land! I’m dining in The Black Watch Room tonight and I can’t wait!

I’ll update you all on that tomorrow as we’re now five hours behind the UK. Right now, it’s time for lunch and this is the offering today.

16th January 2018

We sailed from Bermuda yesterday at 5pm and we’re now back at sea, heading for Cuba. We’ve sailed for 19 hours (310 nautical miles) at an average speed of 16knts since we left St George.

The Captain is sailing Black Watch at a faster speed than we need because tomorrow we’ll reach the straits of Florida, where the strong gulf currents will mean we have to slow down – sailing faster now keeps us on time for arrival in Havana at 8am on Friday morning.

I’m so excited to get there! I’ve got lots planned, as we should be in port overnight. At present, I’m sitting on the deck in the sun. Perfect! We’re now four hours behind the UK – five from tomorrow.

14th January 2018

Beautiful day at sea! I’m enjoying every warm ray that is coming my way.

12th January 2018

Black Watch is currently 938 nautical miles away from Bermuda, our next port of call, and we’re hoping to arrive on Sunday night, instead of Monday, as planned. The weather is slowly getting better, we still have rough seas but the sun is trying very hard to shine through the clouds.

I went along to the cocktail reception for World Cruise guests this morning. There are 365 people onboard that are sailing the entire 108-night voyage. It was nice to meet some of the senior officers and mix and mingle with my fellow “worldies” – we even had entertainment from some of the bar staff!

Everything so far has been very good. I can’t fault anything! The food is delicious, the crew are fantastic and I’m enjoying all the new experiences that come with a World Cruise. I’ll update you all again very soon!

Images from the World Cruise Cocktail Party:

World Cruise Entertainment
World Cruise Entertainment
World Cruise Entertainment

11th January 2018

We’ve been at sea 43 hours since leaving Ponta Delgada and we’re sailing at an average speed of 16 knots. Black Watch has 1310 nautical miles to go before reaching St George in Bermuda. We’re passing the last low pressure front and experiencing gusts of up to 35 knots, so some of the outer decks are closed, but passengers are enjoying the sun in areas that are sheltered.

Today, I’ve been writing and managed a whopping 13 correct questions out of 20 in the morning quiz – only because my team mates know EVERYTHING! If I’d played on my own, I would have scored 4 at the very most!

The food onboard so far has been delicious. I’ve been in scallop and prawn heaven!!

Black Watch onboard food
Black Watch onboard food

10th January 2018

Our call to Horta today was cancelled due to strong winds, so Black Watch is currently 250 nautical miles south of Santa Cruz in the Azores, having sailed 287 nautical miles since leaving Ponta Delgada yesterday, at an average speed of 16.5knts. We have 1996 nautical miles left to go until we reach Bermuda. The outside air temperature is slowly rising, it’s 18 Degrees Celsius today.

9th January 2018

In Ponta Delgada today and visited Furnas. Locals can cook stew in pots underground for 6 hours. The stew contains chicken, pork, beef and vegetables. This is a local restaurant owner taking his pots to then serve in his restaurant.
18:29 – Horta (Azores) tomorrow has been cancelled. We’re heading straight for Bermuda to avoid the worst of the storms.

The natural sulphur springs with boiling water – around 98 Degrees.

Ponta Delgado Furnas
Ponta Delgado Furnas
Ponta Delgado Furnas Information

8th January 2018

13:04 – Black Watch is currently 232 nautical miles north east of San Miguel in Azores. We’ve sailed 1082 nautical miles since leaving Southampton and we should be alongside in Ponta Delgada at 10:30AM tomorrow morning – ahead of schedule. Currently sailing at 12.5knts. More importantly, all pools will be filled tomorrow!
On deck Monday 8th January 2018

7th January 2018

10:03 – At sea today. Surrounded by low pressure.
13:06 – We have sailed 672 nautical miles since leaving southampton. Currently at 16.5knts – half way to ponta Delgarda with 673 nm to go.
Deck Sunday 7th January 2018
On deck Sunday 7th January 2018

6th January 2018

On board Fred.Olsen Cruise Line’s Black Watch.

Steak and seafood specialty restaurant.
Steak and seafood specialty restaurant.
The Black Watch Room
The Black Watch Room
At Sea
At Sea
Afternoon activity schedule
Afternoon activity schedule

11:02 – Our current location. It’s quite choppy today but passengers are enjoying it and getting ready for the morning quiz.

16:13 – Since leaving Southampton until noon today we’ve sailed 242 nautical miles.

Our location

5th January 2018

On board Fred.Olsen Cruise Line’s Black Watch.

On board Fred.Olsen Cruise Line's Black Watch
On board Fred.Olsen Cruise Line's Black Watch

4th of January 2018

You’re going to be hearing a lot from me over the coming months, so I thought I should take a moment to introduce myself.

Hello! I’m Danielle, a cruise blogger better known to my readers as Cruise Miss. I started blogging in 2012 and since then, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time at sea. I’ve visited some fascinating places and spent time aboard some stunning ships, but I’m about to begin a journey that even now, I still can’t quite believe is happening.

Tomorrow morning, I will leave my home in Newcastle and make my way to Southampton, where I’ll be joining Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines’ ‘Black Watch’ for her 108-night WORLD CRUISE. During the sailing, Black Watch will visit more than 20 countries on six continents and offer destinations that I thought I’d only ever dream of, including Cuba, Bora Bora, Hamilton Island, Singapore, Yangon and India.

As this is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I want to share it with as many people as possible, so I’m going to take you with me, virtually. Throughout the cruise, I’ll be sharing pictures, videos and daily updates on where the ship is, what has been happening onboard, what I have been doing ashore and most importantly, whether I managed to win a quiz! You can follow me via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with World of Cruising and of course, via Cruise Miss.

Danielle Fear - Cruise Miss

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