Deutschland Sails The Seas

Special Interest Cruises Include Music, Golf, Gardening, Equestrian, Hiking And Cycling

Peter Dielmann’s ocean-going flagship, the MS Deutschland, is sailing 33 world-class itineraries ranging from five to 20 nights during its 2008-2009 season and has detailed these deluxe cruises in a new 63-page Grand Hotel Voyages brochure. The extensive list of destinations ranges from the remote Arctic island of Spitsbergen, the culturally wealthy cities of Europe and Africas beautiful Cape Town to the golden beaches of Phuket and Bali as well as the ancient and fascinating countries of Asia and the Middle East. The five-star MS Deutschland, with accommodations for 513 passengers, is reminiscent of Old World cruising with grand European styling, personalised service, multiple restaurants serving gourmet meals, original works of art, beautifully appointed staterooms and classic teak decks.

Many of the departures include Special Interest voyages to satisfy an array of interests: 13 nights of recitals and concerts performed by distinguished classical musicians and discussions with composers; playing golf on some of the world’s finest golf courses – from Portugal and France to Qatar, Russia and South Africa – with an experienced escort to ensure all goes smoothly; visiting many of the world’s renowned gardens with an expert at your side; equestrian riding through the stunning landscape of the Baltics, Europe, and the Middle East; and hiking or cycling with learned escorts along the world’s most scenic paths. On-board Wellness Spa Packages can be arranged ahead of time and range from classic back massages to Kraxen-oven heat treatments and Rasul full-body peels.

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