Katy Howard wins a Mediterranean cruise in our student journalist competition

Bakery on MSC Preziosa

Congratulations to Katy Howard who is the winner of our student journalist competition organised in collaboration with MSC Cruises.

She is the winner of our competition for student journalists who had never been on a cruise ship. Her entry was the unanimous choice of a panel of judges consisting of MSC’s Giles Hawke, CLIA (UK and Ireland)’s Andy Harmer, Iglu Cruise’s Simone Clarke, and editor John Honeywell. Katy will be flying to Italy in April to spend a week on board MSC Preziosa, and her report from the trip will be published in a future edition of World of Cruising magazine.

Katy, 27, studied meteorology at the University of East Anglia and is currently a part-time student of photo-journalism at Southampton Solent University. She is looking forward to discovering whether she would be suited to a job as a  cruise ship photographer. She said: “There is nothing more shocking than finding out on a lazy Monday morning, with no work and no university lectures, that you are being sent on a Mediterranean cruise. Now that shock has worn off, the excitement is building rapidly. Actually so are the nerves too! I’ve never done anything like this before! I hope I have enough time to really make the most of the trip, try out everything I can on board, and that I have enough camera cards and storage on my computer to capture as many pictures and memories as I can!”

We hope she has a great time on board and we are looking forward to sharing her report from the cruise.

Katy’s winning article can be found in the latest issue of World of Cruising magazine. If you haven’t already subscribed to the magazine you can do so here.

(Photo credit to MSC Crociere)