Magical worlds between the oceans

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Hapag-Lloyd Central and South America

Enjoy Caribbean gems and paradises on the Pacific coast as you discover exotic treasures on both sides of the Panama Canal!

In November 2019, a journey to some of the most beautiful places of Central and South America awaits you onboard the new HANSEATIC inspiration, a state-of-the-art expedition ship that will be launched in October 2019.


Magical worlds between the oceans

Where the northern and southern hemispheres meet, be inspired by the natural panoramas and cultural highlights of wonderful worlds.

Your cruise will start in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados and spending the first day at sea will give you enough time to explore the ship.

Islas Los Roques and Bonaire

Your first stop will be Islas Los Roques, an eclectic and idyllic archipelago of sand dunes and colourful facades, followed by the beautiful island of Bonaire in the Leeward Antilles. Take an island tour to see hummingbirds, languid iguanas and pink flamingos or take a dive to be astounded by the marine creatures gathering on the turquoise coral reef.

Cartagena and San Blas Islands

Cartagena is known as South America’s most beautiful colonial city and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. Take a carriage ride through the city and marvel at its magnificent palaces in the Andalusian style, colonial buildings adorned with flowers and numerous churches.

The completely untouched San Blas Islands with its white beaches, palm trees and turquoise water are the perfect spot to relax, swim and snorkel.

Panama Canal

After your first eventful expedition days the anticipation will build, and suddenly it appears before you: the legendary Panama Canal. Opened over 100 years ago, it is the world’s most important waterway. On more than 80 km (49 mi.), your daytime passage will take you past wild grasslands and dense jungle, with fascinating background information from your team of experts.

Gulf of San Miguel and Utria National Park

Arriving on the Pacific side, the HANSEATIC inspiration reaches the lush, green backdrop of the Darien jungle in the Gulf of San Miguel. Local boats will take you to the settlements of the Embera Indians, where you will gain fascinating insights into this indigenous tribe’s culture and way of life. This region, declared a national park in 1981, is a protected space for many native peoples and is also part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The fjord-like bay of Utria National Park has the greatest biodiversity in the world and is used as a wintering ground by flocks of migratory birds. Together with the park rangers, you will forge your way through the untouched Colombian rainforest, the calls of exotic birds echoing through the treetops.

Isla Lobos de Tierra

Isla Lobos de Tierra, which translates as “island of the land wolves”, was inspired by its enormous population of sea lions. Much smaller examples of its fantastic fauna include pelicans and blue-footed boobies. As the HANSEATIC inspiration sets a southerly course, you will enjoy unique impressions of the South American Pacific coast until you reach your final destination Callao (Lima).

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Your stay on board the HANSEATIC inspiration

Bistro RestaurantThe HANSEATIC inspiration will be launched in October 2019, looking to achieve 5-star standards. With a capacity of just 230 guests the ship will be fitted with cutting-edge equipment and environmental technology. You will reside in outside cabins and suites only, a majority of them having a private- or French balcony. Curved lines, natural colours and premium materials come together in a harmonious room concept that promises pure relaxation. Three spacious first-class restaurants create a unique and indulgent combination of expedition spirit and international gourmet cuisine. For your relaxation the ship offers a pool area with water loungers and a counter-current system, a Spa area with saunas and various treatments, and a fitness area featuring up-to-date equipment as well as a separate course room – all with an ocean view.

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