Tracking down the Stowaway Pianist on-board Anthem of the Seas

Stowaway Pianist On-board Anthem Of The Seas

When Royal Caribbean‘s Anthem of the Seas launched in April so too did a novel entertainment act on-board – the Stowaway Pianist.

Unlike the large theatre productions that can entertain thousands of people at a time this improvisational one-man show is designed to entertain very small numbers. He can miraculously appear without notice anywhere on the ship as this video shows.

This unusual and novel musical act can be found in locations right around the ship. Most commonly the Stowaway Pianist can be found riding in one of the lifts or tucked away in the corner of a restaurant. He doesn’t remain in one location for too long (to keep up the illusion of being a stowaway) so don’t be surprised if he is gone when you next check back.

By its very nature, performances are impromptu – guests have to stumble across the pianist to enjoy his melodies. Not only that but the performances are tailored specifically to his audience at any one time, offering a bite-sized slice of personalised entertainment.

The piano itself has been designed to house many contraptions that pop out and entertain. Built by ShowFX of Santa Fe Springs in California, it has hidden compartments so as to dispense items such as lollipops or tee shirts. It also offers the illusion that the pianist is creating energy by playing – the faster and more intense he strikes the keys the brighter the incandescent bulbs on the candelabra glow. The piano can also appear as it is overheating following vigorous playing, sending steam out of multiple locations on the piano!

The concept of the Stowaway Pianist was developed by Nick Weir, Vice President of Entertainment for Royal Caribbean International and at the moment an act exclusive to Anthem of the Seas.

Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo appearance in the video above by our editor John Honeywell who was treated to a unique performance during a ride in a lift along with the infamous Stowaway Pianist.