The ease with which visitors can move between Trinidad & Tobago has been maximised by an $ 18million investment in the ‘sea-bridge’ that links the two islands, which opened on December 4, 2007, in Trinidad’s capital Port of Spain.

A new terminal building is home to 11,000sq ft of commercial space and improved facilities, including enhanced ticketing capability and a more efficient baggage check-in, as well as superior lift access and boarding facilities for wheelchair-bound passengers.

The old terminal began service in 1987 when the ferries servicing the sea-bridge were carrying just 200 passengers a time. In 2005, larger, more modern ferries reduced the crossing time to just 2� hours and the need for a new terminal became apparent as passenger numbers doubled to more than 800,000 between 2004 and 2006.

Separated by just 21 miles, most visitors enjoy dividing their holidays between Trinidad and Tobago to experience the range of diverse experiences they offer. Tobago is bursting with beautiful beaches, world class diving and eco-tourism, while Trinidad combines a nature lover’s paradise with a vibrant party scene.

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