Artist Andy Warhol once said, in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Celebrity Cruises says, with style and sophistication, it strives to make every one of its guests feel famous for the duration of their cruise. This is a goal that is central to the line’s new TV, print and online advertising campaign, “Starring You.”

“We’re extremely excited about ‘Starring You,'” said Celebrity’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Ellen Taaffe. “It powerfully delivers on our promise to deliver service with style to every guest who sails with us. While service has always been a Celebrity cornerstone, we filmed this campaign to distinctively convey the style and comfortable sophistication that accompany that service. And we think it very effectively illustrates how we place our guests at the centre of everything we do.”

The TV ads – featuring the music track, “Fame,” the timeless hit by rocker David Bowie – air on cable TV beginning today, and on ABC programming beginning September 24. The print campaign can be seen in the September issues of Bon Appetit and Conde Nast Traveler, and in various travel trade publications including Travel Weekly and Travel Trade.

Each trade execution of the new campaign is designed to communicate in a bold new way the line’s goal to deliver Celebrity’s “Star Treatment” – award- winning cuisine with menus designed by famed Las Vegas restaurateur Elizabeth Blau & Associates; the exotic AquaSpa by Elemis; and above all, the line’s distinctive service with style – to every guest on every Celebrity ship.