Feeling great is what we all expect after a holiday, and we want to look good too – which is what the advent of MediSpas at sea is all about. Smooth out those frown lines, soften those wrinkles… there is always a doctor on board to oblige.

Holidays, we all know, are vital to our wellbeing. They give us time to relax, time to be with our family and friends and time to refresh and repair. Everybody feels and looks better after a break from regular life with its stresses and cares and even more so after a cruise holiday with sunshine, sea air and nothing to do except enjoy.

Cruise companies are past masters at helping guests get the most from a holiday whether its via destinations, entertainment and of course feasting…over the last few years spas have been added to the mix, places to be pampered and cosseted. And alongside these pamper palaces the medi-spa has grown. A place staffed by doctors and nurses who not only help us feel better but also look better with the cosmetic procedures now on offer such as fillers and botox. You can now come back from your holiday not just feeling a whole lot better, but, with a little judicious filling and tightening, looking a whole lot better too.

However, before choosing, deciding or booking there  are several things you should know about these procedures. Botox, especially, should only be administered by a qualified medical doctor so make sure you ask for credentials when booking at any cruise spa. Dermal fillers can be administered by nurses who should have special training. While teeth whitening provides its own set of rules and should be embarked on carefully.

The reason teeth whitening is so popular on board is that it is such a quick procedure and is often so much cheaper than on land. There is no doubt that whiter looking teeth instantly make anyone look better, happier, livelier. But you need to approach such a procedure carefully, whether a bleaching formula is used or the faster, newer laser version. If not expertly applied, bleach can not only damage tooth enamel but also the gums, which can be painful. Laser too has the potential for pain as it is a much more aggressive treatment.

However, should you decide to go for it ask first about colour change and discuss shades with your practitioner. Sparkling white teeth might look terrific on the telly but are quite scary in the supermarket, and can look as if you’ve swapped your own dear gnashers for dentures. So tread slowly and insist calmly.

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