A-Rosa Launches Five Archaeology River Cruises with Andante Travels

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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Explore historical sites of the Rhine, Rhone and Danube with the help of expert archaeology guides from Andante Travels

The Rhine, Danube and Rhone are some of the most beautiful waterways in Europe, and consequently, they’re extremely popular with river cruisers.

However, there is a new way to see these gorgeous rivers, as A-Rosa Cruises has partnered with leading archaeology operator Andante Travels to launch a series of archaeology-themed river cruises in 2020.

Appealing to history buffs and the more inquisitive wanderlusters, five itineraries will run onboard three of A-Rosa’s stylish river ships, A-Rosa Stella (Rhone), A-Rosa Donna (Danube) and A-Rosa Aqua (Rhine).

A-Rosa Andante- Arena and roman amphitheatre in Arles
The Roman amphitheatre in Arles, a sight on the Rhone river cruise

Guests will be taken in search of archaeological treasures in some of Europe’s greatest historical sites, exploring medieval architecture and fascinating landscapes, all with the guidance of an Andante expert guide lecture.

Along with guiding guests to and around the sites, the lecturers will also delight and educate guests on board with early evening lectures, regaling them with tales of the ancient world.

When sailing on the Rhone, the archaeology cruise will include exploration of the museums and sites in Lyon and Vienne, iconic sites in Provence including the Pont du Gard, Nîmes and Arles. A special visit to the unique replica cave of Chauvet II, which brings 36,000-year-old cave paintings to life, is also on the itinerary.

A-Rosa Andante-Stephansdom ,St Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna
The St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, part of the Danube river cruise

On the Danube, A-Rosa guests can enjoy excursions to the two capitals of Roman Pannonia, namely Carnuntum and Aquincum, which are found near the capitals of Vienna and Budapest, respectively.

On the Rhine, cruisers will be able to marvel at the cathedrals in Cologne and Strasbourg and gaze upon the Chagall stained glass windows in the Mainz Cathedral.

“We’re delighted to introduce this unique new range of cruises in partnership with A-Rosa River Cruises, with their fully exclusive, private excursions that have been skillfully crafted by Andante’s archaeological and historical experts,” said Jackie Wills, CEO of Andante Travels.

Rhine river cruise with medieval castles
Guests will get to experience the stunning scenery of the Rhine, along with the Rhone and Danube

“The resulting itineraries are fascinating, as each river that is travelled on will reveal a different story, with the chance to uncover ancient ruins, discover architectural splendours and be immersed in history en route.

“Many of the rivers have played a significant role in the demarcation of empires and were often central to trade – so provide an intriguing angle from which to approach a destination.”

Prices start from £1649pp for a five-day ‘Cruising the Rhine: Medieval Cathedrals at Christmas’cruise on board A-Rosa Aqua, departing 23 December 2020.