How to Keep Teeth and Gums Healthy on Holiday

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Don’t let oral hygiene standards slip while on holiday. Here are a few top tips to help maintain a bright and healthy smile

We all know how important good oral hygiene is in our daily lives, but very often we can let standards slip when on holiday, especially after a late night socialising. Here are our top tips for maintaining healthy teeth and gums while away and ensuring our pearly whites stay dazzlingly, well, white.

1. Brush twice a day.

Brushing twice a day is a daily part of our morning and night regimen. However, with so many activities and events to keep us occupied while on holiday, particularly on a cruise, it is easy to forget this essential ritual, in spite of how crucial it is in keeping teeth and gums healthy.

Brushing helps remove the accumulation of plague and bacteria that build up in your mouth on a daily basis. If left, these can lead to gum disease. Holidays are a time of indulging on everything you shouldn’t, so brushing is also a great way of removing all those unsightly red wine and coffee stains and keeping your teeth looking pearly white.

2. Use a mouthwash.

Rinsing out your mouth is a great way to remove plaque and tartar. A mouthwash can be very beneficial in reducing the amount of plaque and build-up of tartar, as well as preventing gingivitis (a mild form of gum disease that results in red, sore and bleeding gums).

It can also prevent you from having bad breath caused by poor dental hygiene, something which you definitely do not want on such a sociable holiday as a cruise when you have your fellow passengers to think of.

3. Floss, Floss, Floss.

Flossing can often seem like a laborious activity, but it’ a very important part of oral care that shouldn’t be neglected, even whilst on holiday. It removes food and plaque from places that are hard to reach for your toothbrush, like in between your teeth and gums. If left, this can build up into tartar, which will eventually lead to gum disease.

4. Eat the right foods.

Many of us tend to overeat on holiday (especially on an all-inclusive cruise with so much choice before us), but It’s good to be mindful of your diet to ensure you’re eating the right foods that won’t harm your teeth and gums and will help you stay healthy.

Maintain your five-a-day while also looking after your mouth with high-fibre fruits and vegetables. Green and black teas help reduce bacteria, while dairy products such as milk and yoghurt help produce saliva production. Foods that contain fluoride, such as raw fruit and veg, fresh water and milk and eggs, are also another great natural way to keep teeth and gums healthy.

5. Avoid certain foods/beverages.

While we would never want to deny you your favourite indulgences while on holiday, it is always a good idea to avoid (or keep to a minimum) the foods and beverages that are known to have a negative impact on your dental health.

These include sugary, fizzy drinks, sweets and starchy foods that can become stuck in the teeth, as well as coffee and alcohol. Of course, you are on holiday, so a little indulgence is fine so long as you abide to a strict dental regime!

6. If toothache strikes…
Should a severe case of toothache happen to strike while you’re on holiday (which is most commonly caused by a dental cavity), make sure you’re equipped with Dentogen’s Toothache Gel, incorporates natural clove oil to ease the pain caused by tooth decay and is one of the best remedies on the market.

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