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Credit: Shutterstock / Poseidon Expeditions

Polar bears, icebergs and stunning fjords - Delve into the Arctic with Poseidon Expeditions

Author: Lucy Abbott

Published on:

Who better to cruise to the Arctic with than the leading operator of polar expeditions in the cruise industry? With 23 years of experience under its belt, Poseidon Expedition impresses by offering you a true adventure.

Picture this - a small, intimate ship, maximum time ashore, open decks, experts ready to utilise and a plush level of onboard comfort. Well, Poseidon Expeditions offers all this and more.

Poseidon Expeditions is one of just two worldwide operators who offer North Pole voyages aboard a mighty icebreaker. The line also goes one step further and spends almost all its time in the Arctic or Antarctica year-round to gain unmatched expertise.

Hop onboard m/v Sea Spirit and enjoy the intimacy that only a capacity of 114 passengers possesses. Of course, with the opportunity to take part in at least two to three activities per day, you will appreciate returning to either learn more with the onboard educational enrichment programme or simply just sitting back and relaxing.

If you fancy an adventure for 2022 and beyond, then read on to discover hand-selected itineraries that are waiting for you - with each itinerary boasting a 30% discount currently, we're booking our ticket right now.

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In-depth Arctic expedition & polar bear safari


Explore every inch of Svalbard - the home of the world's northernmost, well, almost everything.

If you are a newbie explorer, Svalbard is the perfect place to start and Poseidon Expeditions' 'In-depth Arctic expedition & polar bear safari' brings you right to the action.

Start your holiday with a one-night hotel stay in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, where you can enjoy the freedom of stepping out of your idyllic hotel to explore the walkable town centre. Keep your eye out for reindeer prowling throughout the town - you certainly won't find that in your local town centre.

One thing you may not notice initially is that the streets actually have no name, this is where your navigation skills will come in handy and where the adventure begins!

Ensure that you visit the Svalbard Museum to learn some fascinating history before heading over to a quaint restaurant for some dinner, where you will notice that the sun never sets.

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Welcome onboard

After a morning of continuing your explorations of Longyearbyen, you will be transferred to the pier in the afternoon to be welcomed onboard Sea Spirit.

Get to know your new home away from home and delve into the world of expedition cruising.

Meet your friendly expedition team who are prepped and ready for your thousands of questions about the region before enjoying a delectable dinner and spending the evening on an open deck to make the most of the 24-hour daylight and stunning scenery.

Ensure you keep an eye out for any passing wildlife as you set sail through the waters of Isfjorden.

Explore the picturesque town of Longyearbyen before embarking . Credit: Shutterstock

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Explore the Arctic wilderness

Enjoy the unpredictability of an Arctic cruise with Poseidon Expeditions, as the exact route will be influenced by the weather, sea ice as well as the expertise of your expedition experts and captain.

So, go where the sea takes you. If you are embarking on the departure dates of July 22, 2022, to August 4, 2022, then the summer weather will guarantee you favourable ice conditions so you can go completely around Spitsbergen as well as to the northeastern most part of Svalbard's archipelago, Kvitøya. You can also experience this itinerary from July 10 to July 23, 2022, as well as from August 3 to August 16, 2022.

Highlights include plenty of wildlife sighting opportunities, especially in the sizable Northwest Svalbard Nature Reserve, where it is likely you will bump into polar bears and walruses as well as see seabirds overhead.

This nature reserve also features the massive Austfonna ice cap, which lies alongside the sea along a 45km ice cliff - truly a sight to behold.

Follow in the footsteps of explorers and visit Kvitøya, also known as the White Island, which - fun fact - is the most rarely visited island due to not being accessible to many expedition ships. This island is completely covered in ice and the Swedish polar explorer Salomon August Andrée ended his failed polar balloon expedition here.


After you have made memories to last a lifetime, it's time to disembark the ship - after indulging in one last buffet breakfast of course.

Admire reindeer with Poseidon Expeditions. Credit: Poseidon Expeditions

Iceberg, fjords, polar bears and Arctic wildlife


Departing August 15 to August 28, 2022, Poseidon Expedition's 'Iceberg, fjords, polar bears and Arctic wildlife' itinerary sailing from Longyearbyen is a great option for those who want to explore further.

After your overnight stay in Longyearbyen, you will embark onboard Sea Spirit to start your explorations of Svalbard. Admire beautiful natural beauty spots such as the entrance of the Hinlopen Strait which boasts breathtaking fjords.

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The Greenland Sea

After three days of exploring Svalbard, you will then sail across the Greenland Sea, which is a southwest journey.

Whip your binoculars out to be within the best chance of spotting some marine mammals such as adorable seals and mighty polar bears. If you are lucky, you may even spot a bowhead whale.

Keep an eye out for any passing by marine wildlife. Credit: Poseidon Expeditions

Explore East Greenland

Delve into the Arctic in East Greenland and explore somewhere that captures the exact spirit that this region has to offer.

East Greenland features both the Franz Josef fjord and Kong Oscar fjord systems which are extremely significant as they each encompass countless smaller fjords.

The scenery here is really like nowhere else in the world. Take in sights of tidewater glaciers that form massic icebergs as well as ice-clad peaks up to 2000 metres high - you honestly won't know where to look first.

You will be keen to step afoot in this magical place, so explore through modern Inuit hunters' cabins as well as ancient Thule archaeological sites.


After your adventures, your ship will head back across the Greenland Sea, where you can remind yourself of your adventures from the comfort of your balcony or the panoramic open deck - the choice is yours.

Admire the Franz Josef fjord and glacier with Poseidon Expeditions. Credit: Shutterstock

M/v Sea Spirit

Across all of these stunning itineraries (did we mention there's 30% off?), Sea Spirit is the ship that takes you there.

As the epitome of a flexible ship, Sea Spirit will take you to wherever the action is. Whether there is a pod of whales to follow or a ice-clad mountain vista to sail past - she'll take you there.

Onboard, not only is there ample opportunity to network with your fellow passengers and expedition experts, but you can also find open decks which are perfect for wildlife spotting.

You have plenty of cabins to choose from - perhaps opt for the most luxurious of them all with the Owners Suite at a staggering 678 square feet with a separate living room and jetted bathtub.

Alternatively, if you like to pinch your pennies and are travelling in a group, go for the triple suite. At 226 square feet, the room features two comfortable twin beds and a sofa bed alongside a safe, mini-fridge, TV and hair dryer.

We really feel like we have found you the perfect way to explore the Arctic - and with 30% off these select sailings, you can't go wrong!

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