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Cruise Secrets: Is this the Best Time to Book a Cruise Holiday?

Author: Isabella Sullivan

Published on:

Updated on:

Looking to book a cruise? Apparently this is the best time to get booking…

When it the best time to book a cruise holiday? It’s a question that often recieves its fair share of conflicting answers…

Booking a cruise can be challenging, with so many different organisations offering advice as to the perfect time to book, and the internet rife with different cruise packages. Do you jump straight in and book as early as possible, or chance it and wait for a last-minute deal to arise?

Well, those looking to book their next cruise are in luck, as reportedly, there’s one sneaky tip that could help you save money when booking your cruise, and it might not be what you think.

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Want to get away in nine months time? It’s time to get booking…

According to the Lonely Planet’s The Cruise Handbook, there’s a specific time when it’s best to book a cruise holiday, resulting in you landing the best deal possible.

The timeline features in The Cruise Handbook, and reveals that travellers should consider booking their cruise holiday nine months in advance.

The nine month rule extends to a host of other travel options, like the accompanying flights, on-shore hotel stays, possible shore excursions and any on-board packages – such as drinks packages and upgrades.

As reported by the, The Cruise Handbook reads: “Consider booking your cabin now [at nine months prior].

“It might seem early but if you’re planning on travelling in high season, know that popular passages often fill up a year in advance.”

If the price of your cruise ends up going down, you can always contact the cruise line and see if the difference can be refunded, or if you can be refunded and ocmplete a new booking.

When it comes to booking your cruise, timing is just one of the things that could end up saving you money, but there’s a host of other tips and tricks to follow.

Helping you secure the best deal possible, we’ve put on our investigative hats to bring you all the top booking tips and tricks, from choosing a guarantee cabin to playing the travel agent game.