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Too much holiday indulgence? Expert reveal how to get rid of hangovers

Author: Harriet Mallinson

Published on:

Updated on:

Hangovers are the absolute pits but when we're busy having fun and knocking back the cocktails, it can be hard to think ahead to the pain the next morning will bring.

Cruise holidays bring with them plenty of boozing - especially if you're on an all-inclusive voyage or have bought a drinks package you're keen to make the most of.

Luckily there are ways to combat the hangover horrors which apply whether you're struggling through the working day after watching the Euros (we see you) or are lucky enough to be on holiday and enjoyed a heavy night (jammy things).

Health Practitioner and Skin Specialist Tammy Richards at Pure Optical has shared five of her top tips for easing a hangover.

After all, no one wants the be exploring Venice, trying out the bumper cars on the top deck staring down fancy sushi while nursing the horrible feeling everything you drank the night before might be about to make a reappearance...

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1. Eat

Sometimes, the thought of food can be off-putting when you wake up feeling hungover, but eating is fundamental for helping your body to recover so do haul yourself to the dining room in the morning.

“A nutritious breakfast can help maintain your blood sugar levels, which is important as low blood sugar contributes to hangover symptoms such as nausea and feeling weak,” Tammy explained. “Studies show that maintaining good levels of blood sugar can help ease the bodily changes which occur when you drink.”

As for what you should eat for a nutritious breakfast, Tammy recommended: “Breakfast foods are typically full of key nutrients, including calcium, vitamins and fibre, so try and aim for foods which include these.”

“Wholegrain cereal, wholemeal toast or rolled oat porridge are good, as they’re all full of fibre and delicious. If you really cannot stomach anything too big, then opt for fresh fruit and nuts, or natural yoghurt.”

Hangover cure: “Wholegrain cereal, wholemeal toast or rolled oat porridge are good." Credit: Shutterstock

2. Exercise

Again, sometimes the road to recovery involves doing tasks you do not particularly want to do.

Fresh air and exercise help release endorphins which can improve your mood and make you genuinely feel better. So get out onto your balcony or up on deck and maybe try out a gentle jog on the running track or see if your cruise offers a nice yoga session. Just don't overdo it!

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“Try and avoid anything too strenuous which will make you sweat,” Tammy advised. “Alcohol is a diuretic which essentially means it promotes increased urine production.

"Increased urine production results in losing water and becoming dehydrated. Sweating too much will make you feel worse and can be dangerous as you end up losing a lot of water.”

Virgin Voyages: A running track can be found onboard Scarlet Lady. Credit: Virgin Voyages

3. Sleep

Drinking to excess can cause poor sleep quality, as you may fall asleep faster but will wake up feeling sluggish and more tired.

“When you fall asleep after drinking, you lose out on the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep stage. REM is an important role in brain development and helps improve moods and memory," said Tammy.

“A lack of sleep can make a hangover worse, as it results in fatigues, headaches and even irritability.

"Ideally, you will want to sober up before going to sleep, but if this is unavoidable, try and sleep as much as you can the next morning (yes you’re allowed a lie in!) or get an early night.”

4. Hydrate

As alcohol is a diuretic, which results in a loss of fluids and electrolytes, it is important to keep hydrated throughout the day.

“Ninety-nine percent of hangover symptoms are the result of dehydration, so it’s good practice to try and have a glass of water per alcoholic drink, as this will help prevent severe dehydration,” Tammy advised.

“If it is too late to do this, then try and drink enough water the next day. Keep drinking water, as this will help make you feel better.”

Hangover cure: t’s good practice to try and have a glass of water per alcoholic drink. Credit: Shutterstock

5. Try a natural remedy

There are lots of old wives' tales that involve natural remedies and potions, promising to cure a hangover, however, a lot of them are more fiction than fact. Even so, some natural remedies are scientifically proven to alleviate the hangover symptoms and get you to recovery.

• Ginger – A traditional folk remedy, combining ginger with brown sugar and tangerine extract has been scientifically proven to reduce hangover symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting. The study, conducted in 2010, found that administering the formula to a hungover group who were experiencing severe symptoms, significantly decreased their levels of illness. Ginger is also preferred by some as a method for combatting seasickness.

• Chamomile – The so-called “beer fear” is a popular term to describe the feelings of anxiety after a night of drinking. Taking chamomile will not only soothe an unsettled stomach, but research also shows that chamomile can soothe anxiety. In addition, chamomile can also help you to sleep better, so why not see what the dining room or nearest cafe option can serve you?

• Turmeric – Famous for anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits, turmeric can be a great natural remedy to help restore your body. “Recent studies have shown that turmeric has a direct effect on liver cells, encouraging their regeneration and repair," said Tammy. This makes turmeric a perfect cure for hangovers, as it helps to restore our bodies.”

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