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How You Can Get More Value On Your Future Cruise Credit

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Do you have future cruise credit following a cancelled cruise? Here’s how to use it…

My Future Cruise Credit is a travel company dedicated to offering Future Cruise Credit support.

As a World of Cruising reader, like us, you likely had a cruise cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us took the option of a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) while the cruise lines were offering added value, looking forward to the day we can cruise again. Now that we have this FCC, how do we use it?

To understand more about Future Cruise Credits, we spoke to the team behind who have made it their mission to help all cruisers affected by the dreaded Covid-19 global cruise suspension.

future cruise credit
Steps to maximise your FCC

WOC: What is a Future Cruise Credit?

MyFCC: A FCC is essentially a voucher for future travel issued by your cruise line. It has a monetary amount associated with it, and it is provided instead of a refund. It works like a store credit from a cruise line, so it can be redeemable towards a cruise fare of a future booking. With each cruise line’s form of credit comes its own terms and stipulations on when and how to use it. It is important to remember that a future cruise credit is always issued under the passenger name, is not transferable and cannot be gifted.

WOC: How is my future cruise credit calculated?

MyFCC: Depending on your booking, exactly how much your FCC is will vary. The amount you receive is not the total amount paid for your cruise as that would have included taxes and possibly prepaid gratuities, which you will have likely received back as a refund. The FCC is solely equal to your cruise fare. In many cases during the Covid-19 cancellations, cruise lines have offered more than the price you paid, some up to 200 per cent future cruise credit to compensate for the disruption.

future cruise credit tips
FCC Tips

WOC: How can our readers use their Future Cruise Credit?

MyFCC: Making an FCC booking it not like making a standard cruise booking, it’s complex. You can’t go online to book. An agent will need to facilitate the booking by looking up the details, making the booking with the cruise line and applying the passenger’s individual credit against that booking. One issue is that most agents are not comfortable in the different requirements needed to search for and find a customer’s credit.

The bigger issue is that because of the Covid-19 situation, there is just not as many travel agents as there were, and many people don’t have anyone to go back to. That is where we are here for support. As experts, all our agents are specifically trained to search, find and book future cruise credits on all major cruise lines. Making it easy and helping our customers get more value for their future cruise credit.

How To Make The Most Of The Site
How to make the most of it

WOC: You mentioned ‘get more value for their Future Cruise Credit ’, how can WOC readers do this?

MyFCC: Most people think that they need to book the same type of cruise. By knowing what you can apply your future cruise credit on will allow you to maximize its value. The standard ways to benefit from having a FCC are to upgrade your cabin to a better cabin category, book a longer duration cruise, bring an additional person with you, or to combine with a promotion that is released by the cruise line.

Because of our 20 year history in cruising and our unique position, we are able to offer even more than just the standard. For joining at, they get awarded a complimentary £100 travel savings. This is one of the ways we are supporting the tourism industry, allowing people to save on travel and hopefully travel more, while they wait to book their cruise.

When searching for their cruise they can use our dedicated FCC website to make it easy. Members will then receive an additional £365 travel savings when making their booking. On top of this members in the UK will also receive a complimentary ‘World of Cruising’ magazine annual subscription (valued at £25.99). In total that is £490.99 in additional value.

WOC: Your website is definitely dedicated to Future Cruise Credits, can you explain some more about how it works?

MyFCC: Absolutely. The website is 100 per cent designed to make using your FCC easy. Firstly we have hundreds of cruise lines connected with live inventory and pricing available, but to make it easy, we customize your experience to narrow this and only show you what you can use your credit on.

We also specifically highlight the cruise line promotions that you can take advantage of. There are lots of FCC questions that we have answered and articles that you can read to understand your choices. We think that the most important part is that it is easy to contact us. With trained agents in London, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, we are available via phone, email, online chat and online enquiry form. Our website, and our mission, is to make booking your FCC easy and great value.

While it is not certain when cruising will be back to its fullest, with so many of our readers waiting for the return of cruising and having a FCC, it is pleasing to see a company dedicated to supporting the industry.

My Future Cruise Credit, the experts and here to support Future Cruise Credit holders.

Signing up is free, simply visit You will receive your bonus travel savings and you can start searching for your next cruise. Our cruise credit experts are ready to help. Speak with a personal FCC expert who can advise you on how to maximise your future cruise credit. If you have a future cruise credit you need to check it out.

ICE will also be giving away a complimentary subscription to World of Cruising magazine to those who sign up for a Future Cruise Credit with them.