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Jane McDonald: Psychic's heartbreaking prediction for star's love life & children

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Jane McDonald is now a household name but when she appeared on hit 1998 show The Cruise she was just starting out. In one recently aired episode, a remarkable prediction was made.

Jane McDonald hit the TV screens afresh in recent weeks after the BBC showed old episodes of the show that made her a star.

The Cruise examined Jane's life onboard the ship and revealed fascinating insights into her personal life.

Early episodes showed the young singer's interest in tarot cards and her fortune-telling sessions with fellow crew members onboard ex Celebrity Cruises ship Galaxy.

However, in episode eight, the attention turned back on Jane as she visited a psychic during a stop in Mexico.

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At the time the show was filmed, Jane was dating Henrik Brixen, whom she met while he was a cruise ship plumber.

Throughout the show, she jokes about marrying him and when she visits the fortune teller she asks outright about her future with Henrik.

"Am I still going to be as happy with this man and are we going to have the children we want to have?" she quizzes the woman.

The psychic responds with a very positive prediction: "I sense within the next three to five years there are going to be children. I see two and you're very gifted and loving that you will give those children wings."

Jane McDonald visited a psychic during a stop in Mexico. Credit: BBC

Jane presses further with her need to see into the future, asking: "So I'm going to be able to do both? I'm going to be able to have a family and a career?"

And the fortune-teller replies: "Absolutely because everything is coming your way, all you have to do is take the first step. They all say the trip of a thousand miles starts with just a single step so you take the step into your destiny."

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She adds: "Sometimes you judge yourself, am I doing a good job, is it good enough?" - to which Jane laughs, acknowledging the truth of this, before the psychic finishes with: "I'm very happy you came in here."

While Jane appeared happy with the insight - what was predicted that day sadly never came true.

Jane McDonald: At the time the show was filmed, Jane was dating Henrik Brixen. Credit: BBC

Jane McDonald, now 58, never did have children with Henrik - who went on to become her manager - the two married in 1998 but divorced in 2002.

One influencing factor behind the split was Henrik's attitude towards having children, said Jane.

In her 2019 autobiography titled Riding The Waves: My Story, Jane commented on her and Henrik's conversation around starting a family.

She wrote: "Henrik and I once talked about having children but there wasn't room for babies in his plans for me. I began to feel lonely in my marriage.

Jane McDonald: The psychic was right when it came to her predictions about Jane's success as a singer. Credit: BBC

"Your manager is your boss and tells you what to do, what to wear and who to be, so our relationship changed. I loved him with all my heart but felt he'd stopped looking at me as a wife. I became a product.

"Eventually, I came to the devastating conclusion that I really did have nothing left. I told Henrik, 'I'm firing you as my manager.'"

While Jane went on to find love with Eddie Rothe - who passed from lung cancer this year aged 68 - the pair never had children either.

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Fortunately, the psychic was right when it came to her predictions about Jane's success as a singer.

She told Jane: "The first thing I sense for you since you have the ability to be creative in any area and since you have the determination, the drive and the willingness to do your part, you're more than willing to do your part, I'd say you're in a chariot where you're driving... you're in charge of your energy and I don't see anything holding you back except your limited belief that you deserve it."

According to reports, Jane McDonald is now believed to be worth £4.3million.

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