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Jane McDonald: Cruise pro explained the importance of being prepared when packing. Credit: Channel 5

Jane McDonald shares her 'sexy' cruise hacks on latest episode of Cruising with Jane McDonald

Author: Harriet Mallinson

Published on:

Updated on:

Jane McDonald is undeniably a cruise pro so when the expert dishes her top packing tips it's worth listening in. Jane shared her latest advice in Cruising with Jane McDonald on Sunday evening.

Jane McDonald graced television screens once again last night in her hit cruise show.

Sunday's episode saw the singer enjoy a river cruise down the Thames to celebrate her friends' birthdays.

Jane, who often shares her travel advice with her fans, shed some light on how best to pack for such a holiday.

Her tips ranged from which toiletry bag you should take to why a "sexy outfit" is a must.

Jane explained the importance of being prepared when packing.

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"Because we're in the UK you have to be prepared for all weathers," she said.

"I pack within an inch of my life, starting with my toiletries."

The star shared she likes to use a toiletry bag with removable compartments that can be hung up in your cabin.

"I always have it packed with everything I need for travelling," Jane told the camera, showing the bag in the bathroom - with all items easily accessible whenever she needs them.

Another packing aid the singer puts to good use is a packing cube.

Jane McDonald likes to use a toiletry bag with removable compartments. Credit: Channel 5

These are designed to organise and compartmentalise clothes inside luggage and are a go-to among many travel experts.

"I have my trousers rolled up in there," she explains, indicating her leopard-print packing cubes "and that will now go straight into a drawer. Voila!"

As for the items she hangs up in the wardrobe, Jane likes to plan ahead.

"I've got jackets, coats, for every season," she shared. "I'll put an outfit on a hanger so I know what scarf goes with what jacket."

Another luggage must-have is a "sexy outfit."

Jane McDonald: "I'll put an outfit on a hanger so I know what scarf goes with what jacket." Credit: Channel 5

For this river cruise, Jane has packed a pair of white heeled boots.

"You just never know when you want a little sexy outfit," she said, adding: "We might do that because it's the girls birthday week."

Later, when checking on the kitchen on the boat, Jane pointed out the advantage of vacuuming packing, joking she'd like to vacuum-pack her pants in order fit in another pair of shoes.

Of course one big positive of heading off on a domestic cruise is the lack of luggage restrictions.

In fact, Jane even brings a giant Jenga set away with her to while away her evenings!

Jane McDonald: For this river cruise, she has packed a pair of white heeled boots
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Another perk of river cruising in the UK is the ease.

Unlike the "kerfuffle" that comes with airport travel, observed Jane, "you just turn up here and get on your barge."

In last week's episode of Cruising with Jane McDonald, the star explained cruisers should stick to black and white or brown and cream colour palettes - and not to mix the two when packing clothes for a cruise holiday.

"If you're going to go for black, don't pack brown," Jane warned.

"Because that means two sets of handbags and however many shoes you've got to pack to match brown and black. Either go for black or brown, whichever is your colour."

She added: "And white, lots of white - and then whatever colour suits you, you can match that with black and white; or brown and cream."

Cruising with Jane McDonald continues Sunday 30th May, 9pm on Channel 5

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