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Jane main 2
Jane McDonald: The singer shared an intimate glimpse into her wardrobe. Credit: Channel 5

'I've just shown everyone my knickers!' Jane McDonald shares cruise packing tips

Author: Harriet Mallinson

Published on:

Updated on:

Jane McDonald hit the UK's television screens again last night with her latest episode of Cruising with Jane McDonald. In the show, the singer shared an intimate glimpse into her wardrobe.

Cruising with Jane McDonald saw the star head to the Caribbean on an MSC cruise ship - and ended up sharing perhaps more than she bargained for.

The media personality always gives her viewers plenty of top tips about the best way to cruise.

In Sunday's episode, Jane decided to bestow some of her luggage packing advice.

Holidaymakers can often struggle to pack for long trips and the many sartorial eventualities they need to cater for.

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However, Jane came to the rescue and advised travellers to think carefully when it comes to colours.

The celebrity explained cruisers should stick to black and white or brown and cream colour palettes - and not to mix the two.

"If you're going to go for black, don't pack brown," Jane warned.

"Because that means two sets of handbags and however many shoes you've got to pack to match brown and black.

Jane packing
Jane McDonald explained cruisers should stick to black and white or brown and cream. Credit: Channel 5

"Either go for black or brown, whichever is your colour."

She added: "And white, lots of white - and then whatever colour suits you, you can match that with black and white; or brown and cream."

The singer also acknowledged that many cruise holidays involve much indulgence - and weight gain isn't uncommon.

It's vital to keep this in mind when packing your baggage.

Jane pants
Jane McDonald: "You need pants, you need lots of pants," she said. Credit: Channel 5

"Try and get lycra in just about everything you bring on a cruise because you're going to eat your own body weight," Jane recommended.

"Always bring something slightly bigger for the end of the cruise because, trust me, you are going to need it."

She also shared top tips about underwear - displaying her own knickers to the cameras as she unpacked.

"You need pants, you need lots of pants," she said, clarifying it's key to think carefully about the colour of your smalls.

"[Choose] black and neutral," Jane explained, "never get white pants to go under white clothes because it doesn't work, all you can see is white pants."

Realising to what extent she was flashing her knickers to the world, the singer added, laughing: "I can't believe I've just shown everybody my knickers!"

MSC Divina
Jane McDonald headed off to the Bahamas on the MSC Divina. Credit: MSC
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Jane also shared a number of other cruise tips.

One was to always choose a cabin with a balcony if you can afford it.

Another was to always make sure you explore a destination properly, rather than just going straight to the airport or port.

Sunday's episode saw Jane enjoy a drive around Miami before she headed off to the Bahamas on the MSC Divina.

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