Jane McDonald Opens Up About Late Father In Heartfelt Tribute

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The TV star fights back tears as she opens up about her father on her show Cruising With Jane McDonald

Jane McDonald has opened up in the past about the death of her mother, who sadly passed away two years ago, and how she still wears her mother’s wedding ring that she left to her.

But on an episode of Cruising With Jane McDonald, the starlet got emotional as she shared intimate memories about her father, Pete, who died in 1993.

While sailing around Scotland’s Inner Hebrides on a boutique cruise aboard The Majestic Line’s Glen Tarsan, a converted wooden trawler, Jane and her fellow passengers stop off to enjoy a “right good knees-up” at a traditional Scottish Ceilidh on Tobermory, the capital of the Isle of Mull.

After exhausting herself on the dance floor, Jane steps out to enjoy a breather and in a rare moment, opens up about her dad as the dance brought back some heartfelt childhood memories.

“I realised just how fit I was as a child dancing with my father,” she said. “I used to go every week ballroom dancing with my dad and you don’t realise how special that is until they’re gone. Don’t make me cry.”

Jane McDonald: Cruising with Jane Mcdonald Scotland
Jane McDonald delves into her Scottish cruises while on a cruise in the Inner Hebrides

Being in Scotland undoubtedly brought back some memories for Jane, who revealed her Scottish roots during the episode, talking about her grandmother who lived in Dundee.

“It’s a beautiful sing-sing language Scottish to me,” she said. “My grandmother came from Dundee and sounded really posh. But I love it.”

After enjoying a week cruising around the Scottish archipelago, sailing on the “floating boutique hotel” with just 13 people on board, Jane brings up her father again in a private moment on deck while enjoying a glass of whisky.

“I think looking out to this, I think of my dad really because although he passed over in ’93, when you’re somewhere as beautiful as this, your loved ones I feel come around you and I just feel like my dad has been on this journey with me.”

Tearing up at the mention of her father, Jane raised a glass in his honour at the end of the emotional episode: “Cheers to you, dad.”

Like the rest of the UK, it has been a difficult year for Jane, who made the sad announcement last month that her chartered Royal Caribbean cruise with Floating Floatings had been cancelled due to the charter event company having gone into administration because of the devastating impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

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