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Marella Explorer

Marella Cruises Has Revealed a Hilarious Cruise Ship Secret

Author: Isabella Sullivan

Published on:

Updated on:

The cruise line has spilt a host of fascinating cruise secrets and statistics – are you surprised?

Marella Cruises has had a record season, with over 200,000 customers cruising on its ships over summer.

With so many customers having boarded its ships, the line has gone all ‘cruise and tell’, revealing the answers to questions we never even knew we wanted to ask – but are delighted to know the answer to.

Firstly, Marella confirmed what we Brits have known all along, that we’re totally dependant on tea. Over just a one-week itinerary on a Marella cruise over the summer, 13,000 cups of English Breakfast tea were brewed and served on board.

Marella Explorer Swimming pool
The most popular cocktail was a Long Island Iced Tea, no doubt enjoyed on the ship’s sundeck

Putting into perspective the amount of tea that is, Marella claims that if you lined up all those tea bags it would stretch to just under four-times the length of Marella Explorer.

Coffee lovers consumed an average of 12,500 cups of coffee over one week, not that far behind there tea-loving counterparts.

To go with all that tea and coffee, customers on board Marella consumed 2,500 slices of toast each week

While tea and coffee are great for the morning, come 12 o’clock and some cruisers might be looking for something a little stronger.

It turns out that the most popular cocktail on the cruise lines’ cocktail menu was the Long Island Iced Tea, while 73 percent of guests chose to enjoy a show during their cruise.

Other sneaky facts revealed by Marella were that most passengers forget a travel adaptor, and a whopping 30 percent of guests slip away with their cabin slippers. Luckily, only a handful of robes go missing.

No doubt delighting passengers, Marella recently launched a musical-themed afternoon tea on board Marella Explorer 2, complete with themed cakes and sandwiches and table decorations.