MSC Cruises’ MSC Magnifica Sets Sail on 117-Day World Cruise

Author: Tom Mcghie

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World renowned chefs set to join the MSC Magnifica during her voyage around the globe

Today MSC Cruises’ hotly anticipated World Cruise 2020 set sail from Genoa, Italy – a voyage that will visit 43 exotic destinations over five continents.

Sailing for 117 days, guests aboard the MSC Magnifica will be treated to food from all over the globe. Ten of the world’s most exciting chefs are amongst an impressive line-up of culinary veterans set to cook for passengers.

Amongst these are Two Michelin starred Spanish Chef Ramón Freixia and Three Michelin starred German Chef Harold Wohlfahrt. Chefs representing a host of different cuisines will join the trip at separate intervals, in conjunction with the locations the cruise reaches.

MSC Magnifica in Dubrovnik
The cruise will take place on MSC Magnifica

This means that the guests aboard this spectacular World Cruise will have the opportunity to taste food from Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Hawaii, China, India and Germany. The chefs will be on hand to meet the guests as they are trying their dishes, as well as carrying out demonstrations of how they prepared the meals.

The impressive line-up of chefs includes:

Two Michelin starred Spanish Chef Ramón Freixa

Known for his ability to create a balance between tradition and avant-garde, taking his inspiration from his Mediterranean roots. He will bring his excellence in Spanish gastronomy with an innovative and modern style for guests.

Veteran Brazilian Chef and restauranteur Allan Vila Espejo

Will present his signature menu introducing guests to his rich culture and take on Brazilian fine dining.

MSC Cruises world cruise: Chef Christophe Krywonis
Chef Christophe Krywonis will delight guests with his French cuisine

Bake Off Argentina star Chef Christophe Krywonis

Trained in Paris, chef Krywonis has pioneered his craft in French cuisine and will bring guests to his own take on French gastronomy at its bests.

MasterChef Colombia jury member Chef Jorge Rausch

Known for his innovative and modern style infused and inspired by his Colombian roots.

Chef James Berckemeyer

This Peruvian chef will introduce guests to a refined and modern spin on comfort food and “hearty meals with a little taste of home”.

Internationally-renowned Japanese-American Chef Roy Yamaguchi

Guests will discover a menu enriched with Asian flavours and Hawaiian fusion cuisine.

Sydney Morning Herald’s “Chef of the Year”, French-Canadian Chef Serge Dansereau

Arguably Quebec’s most famous chef, Dansereau will delight guests’ taste buds with an exclusive menu inspired by France with an international twist.

Harald Wohlfahrt chef
Three Michelin starred chef Harald Wohlfahrt will also join the cruise

Acclaimed Chinese chef Jereme Leung

Bringing guests his contemporary interpretation of Chinese cuisine. Along with a modern approach to presentation, guests will be inspired by his mouth-watering menu.

Decorated Indian-American Chef Vikas Khanna

Michelin starred Chef Khanna will create a delicious menu inspired by his Indian heritage.

Three Michelin starred German Chef Harald Wohlfahrt

Joining the ship for the last leg of her journey, Chef Wohlfahrt and will showcase his passion for haute cuisine and love for natural and fresh ingredients.

In what is now the second world cruise launched by MSC Cruises, it is not just the myriad of exotic cuisine which might entice the guests – the company has enlisted eight content creators to take part in essentially a relay race around the world.

Each avid voyager will publish their experiences whilst on board MSC Magnifica as they sail different segments of the cruise in relay with each other.