Oceania Cruises Unveils Incredible New 2021 Europe and North America Sailings

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The epic new voyages collection includes brand new itineraries, longer stays and unique shore excursions

As the British summer winds down, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about your next cruise holiday. As if reading our minds, Oceania Cruises has released its complete list of voyages to Europe and North America in 2021.

Cruisers are spoilt for choice with 110 itineraries now available to book, 97 of which are brand new. Along with this, 15 new ports have also been added, enabling guests to explore and discover some of Europe’s unique wonders, from the dramatic fjord of Eskifjordur in Iceland to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Alberobello.

For those truly looking to immerse themselves in the destinations during their cruise, Oceania Cruises has introduced its Sirena Exotic Collection, which features in-depth explorations of the holy lands of Egypt, Israel and Turkey, as well as the Arabian peninsula, India, Myanmar and Indonesia.

Another highlight of the collection is the Alaska cruise encompassing myriad adventures for the intrepid among you, from a remote trek via helicopter from Juneau to a personalised fishing and culinary expedition from Ketchikan.

Oceania Cruises new line of itineraries arrives hand in hand with the cruise line’s exciting new Go Local series of immersive and destination tours.

“On our new Go Local tours, you don’t see the highlights or even visit a landmark, on these tours you are being introduced to local artisans, shopping local markets and quite literally becoming part of a local family,” comments Bernard Carter, senior vice president and managing director EMEA of Oceania Cruises.

The gamut of 120 tours available throughout Europe, Alaska and South America range from a visit to a farm in Turkey’s Kusadasi to fishing with the locals in Italy’s Portofino.

“You’re learning about and experiencing generations-old traditions and the ways of their day-to-day lives.”

Highlights of Oceania Cruises’ Go Local Tours

Shepard for a Day in Mahon, Spain

Escape the modern world and return to a simpler time with this tour of a local family’s sheep farm in the countryside of Ciutadella or Es Mercadal. Here you will learn the intricate process of making goat’s cheese before enjoying a delicious meal of local cheese, freshly baked bread, cured meats – and of course, wine.

Oceania Cruises, Go Local, sheep farm

Shop for Dinner and Set the Table in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bustling local shopping markets are ideal for discovering a region’s cuisine, but they can be a nightmare to navigate if you’re unfamiliar. Guests will therefore be given a guided tour through the labyrinth of Buenos Aires’ markets, discovering the local meats, fish and groceries before enjoying a traditional Argentine dinner back on board.

Oceania Cruises, Go Local, market

Ardmore Village & Inspiration of a Local Artist in Waterford, Ireland

Art lovers will appreciate this visit to Brigid Shelly Gallery in Ardmore, where the artist in question will be present to give a tour. Shelly will regale with tales of local life, history and lore, before gifting guests with their very own masterpiece.

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