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Northern Lights, wildlife and sparkling fjords: Discover Princess cruises to Norway

Author: Lucy Abbott

Published on:

A Norway cruise ticks every box when it comes to impressive natural phenomenon, unique wildlife and even strange (but tasty) traditional Norwegian food.

Cruising to Norway is truly the peak of travel. Yes, we know that’s a big statement, but when you admire the countless fjords, dramatic mountain-clad landscapes, waterfalls and sip of some tastiest coffee you’ll understand.

Norway also offers the luxury of choice and with Princess Cruises, you can tailor your cruise to wherever your passions lie in each port of call.

Nature lovers will be enchanted by the ever-changing landscapes, like on the Fjords and Waterfall excursion in Bergen, foodies can take pleasure in indulging in fresh fish both on and offboard and activity hounds will thrive on the Kayaking On The Nordfjord excursion in Olden.

So, discover the wonders of Norway as well as all the weird and wonderful things you can do, see and taste with Princess Cruises.

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Top sights to see in Norway with Princess

A sight that you’ll remember for many years to come is slowly cruising through the Geirangerfjord, Norway’s most famous and arguably the most beautiful fjord. Feel as if you have stepped into the finest natural world that this universe has to offer and ensure you snap plenty of pictures – perfect for your next desktop background.

After all, the Geirangerfjord area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which comes as no surprise when you learn the fascinating history behind the area. The natural surroundings have actually been shaped over a series of ice ages, with glaciers carving out fjords and mountains – it’s a testament to the power of the natural world.

Luckily for you – you can see this and more with Princess, as the line doesn’t just bring you to Norway, it immerses you in the destination at every level. From learning legends from locals to making the most of longer stays at points of interest, Princess has you covered as destination experts.

For example, when visiting Olden, Norway, you must make a beeline for an intriguing spot of history. Loen is a picture-perfect village located around four miles north of Olden and features some of the oldest farms in Norway that pre-date Christianity that you can visit with Princess – now that’s old. Princess’ destination experts will inform you of the history, culture, geography and politics of this port, and all others, as well as answering all your burning questions.

Step out on deck to gaze at Norway's Geirangerfjord. Credit: Shutterstock

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Haugesund houses some wonderful gems, such as Haugesund Town Hall, the world’s only pink city hall, so perfect for that aesthetic Instagram snap.

Rock lovers (no, Dave, not the genre of music) can admire Pulpit Rock which boasts a 269-square-foot plateau as well as impressive views of the mighty Kjerag Boulder, a ginormous rock wedged in between two rock walls. If you are a thrill-seeker you could even opt to hike up to the Kjerag Boulder and stand on the rock suspended at a terrifying 984 metres in the air.

With plenty to see and do, Trondheim is worth exploring too. You can hop offboard and experience the strange sensation of using a ski jump when there is no snow.

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Don’t worry, you won’t be landing on your face – the Granåsen Ski Jump is equipped with artificial grass and porcelain tracks so you can experience the thrill of the jump year-round.

Alternatively, you can explore the intriguing city by bike via Princess Cruises’ Trondheim By Bike excursion and ride across the new bike bridge for unrivalled views of the fortress island of Munkholmen. You will then continue on to explore the Bakklandet district, which is full of history, before being lifted up to Kristiansten Fort via a cyclist lift that rises an impressive 492 feet.

Further north, Honningsvag is a must-do purely to stand in the northernmost point in Europe in the North Cape. Crunch the fresh snow underfoot as you appreciate the long history of North Cape, that – not so fun fact - used to be the sacrificial site of nomadic Sami people. For a more light-hearted activity, you can post a postcard with that coveted North Cape postmark back home.

If just a day trip to these wonderful destinations isn’t long enough, then you’ll be happy to learn about Princess’ More Ashore late-night departures and overnight stays. Just picture yourself searching for the Northern Lights at midnight whilst cradling a steaming mug of hot chocolate or even attending a ito signify the return of the Midnight Sun.

Admire the Kristiansten Fort in Trondeim by bike. Credit: Shutterstock

Wildlife sighting opportunities await in Honningsvag, admire an array of birds – from sea eagles to puffins - this is where a pair of binoculars come in handy. King crabs that weigh up to a staggering 22 pounds can also be seen and caught on a King Crab safari in Honningsvag.

Speaking of animals, did you know that a traditional dish in Norway is sheep’s head? If you are feeling brave, find a local restaurant during your port time and tuck in. For a less daunting traditional Norwegian dish, perhaps opt for mutton and cabbage or just a simple stew.

Princess brings the varying Norwegian food traditions onboard for you to experience too. Whilst a savoury Norwegian meatloaf might not appeal to you initially, allow your tastebuds to be tantalised and try something new. Of course, you must try a Norwegian seafood dinner or even embark on the finest onboard culinary tour with the Chef’s Table Lumiere.

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Why don’t you listen to some traditional Norwegian music while indulging in a new cuisine? Princess plays destination-specific music depending on your itinerary, you could even add these destination songs to a playlist to relive your cruise when you are back home.

What ships would I be sailing on? I hear you cry - well Island Princess and Sky Princess are the two ships that cruise Norway – lucky you. Island Princess prioritises relaxation with the Lotus Spa as well as excitement, with an expansive range of entertainment, including casino gaming.

Sky Princess boasts the line’s largest balcony at sea, brand new dining and entertainment venues as well as, of course, the use of the super handy Princess Medallion to navigate your way around the ship like a pro.

Admire adorable puffins in Honningsvag with Princess Cruises. Credit: Shutterstock

What to pack for a cruise to Norway

Layers, layers and more layers! Norway, as beautiful as it is, is chilly. So warm woollen or thermal layers are key.

Now, woollen knickers are not the sexiest of underwear choices, but my goodness will you be thankful for them. Woollen socks, sweaters and fleeces are all also handy choices that you will be grateful for – especially when you want to hop onto your balcony to admire the Northern Lights at a godforsaken hour.

If you want to take part in a guided hike and are cruising in the spring, autumn or winter, then ensure you bring winter boots with spikes, a warm jacket, hat, gloves and scarf.

Alternatively, in summer you can dress slightly lighter (only slightly!) and bring sandals, t-shirts, shorts and a thinner set of gloves, a hat and scarf.

So, what’s holding you back? Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Norway with Princess and create lasting memories with curated experiences.

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