Tui Cruises Continues Sailing After Crew Members Test Positive For Covid-19

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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The ship is sticking with its original itinerary and sailing to Athens…

Tui Cruises has made the decision to keep sailing after 12 of its crew members on board its ship Mein Schiff 6, which is currently sailing in the Greek Islands, tested positive for Covid-19.

Following the test results, the 12 members were immediately isolated on board, with the cruise line currently undergoing secondary testing. From the secondary testing, six have so far tested negative.

Tests were initially carried out thanks to Tui’s new set of strict health and safety protocols, which include regular testing of crew members.

Confident about their new procedures, Tui Cruises said “there is no reason for guests and crew to worry” and there are “extensive hygiene measures and distance rules on board”.

“In the course of the early warning system, which is a key component of Tui Cruises’ health and hygiene concept, the crew is regularly tested for Covid-19,” read a Tui Cruises statement.

“On Monday morning we received positive test results from 12 crew members of Mein Schiff 6 from an external laboratory. The entire crew has not become conspicuous in the last 14 days. None of the 12 crew members has any symptoms.

“To rule out the unlikely case of infection, the persons concerned are currently being tested again with our PCR rapid test device on board. These tests are currently being conducted, half of the results already came out to be negative.

“We expect an overall status by tomorrow latest. In addition, we will take further swabs from the crew members and send them to an external laboratory.”

Despite the positive results, Tui Cruises is continuing on with its original itinerary around Greece, sailing to Piraeus (Athens). The move was decided in accordance with the Greek authorities.

“Thanks to the extensive hygiene measures and clearance rules on board, there is no reason for guests and crew to worry,” concluded the brand.