Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady to Serve Up Original Craft Beer

Author: Olivia Sharpe

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And the cruise line is calling on fans to name it…

In celebration of International Beer Day on 2 August, Virgin Voyages has announced that it has created a signature craft beer to be served throughout its first ship Scarlet Lady, which launches next year.

“Virgin Voyages always loves a challenge and so we asked ourselves, ‘how can we create the most perfect beer to be enjoyed in the midday sun?’” said Charles Steadman, senior manager of beverage development for Virgin Voyages.

“We have created the perfect pale ale that is both thirst quenching and refreshingly delicious, but of course, created with a Virgin twist, as we have given our pale beer a little kiss of scarlet red. And who better to partner with on this exciting endeavour than Wynwood Brewing Company, based in Scarlet Lady’s home port of Miami.”

Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady
Exterior rendering of Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady cruise ship

The cruise line is known for shaking up the industry with its unconventional cruise ship concepts (including the first tattoo parlour at sea and contemporary Rockstar suites) and the latest is no exception, as Virgin has called on its fans to name the beer ahead of the ship’s launch.

The English Pale Ale has been described as featuring a malty body like a traditional EPA, but slightly more bitter, with hints of grapes and fruit on the nose and toffee and caramel in the background. The ale is finished with a touch of roasted malt, which is what apparently gives it its distinctive red tint.

“Virgin has always been known for pushing the boundaries in the same way that craft beer has. We are so excited to work with them on this project and create a unique beer that folks can enjoy on the high seas,” commented Luis Brignoni, founder of Wynwood Brewing Company.

“It seems only fitting with a company rooted in English heritage sailing in Miami that we brew an English-style beer right in the heart of the Magic City.”

Scarlet Lady Dock Bar, Virgin Voyages
Dock Bar aboard Scarlet Lady

The beer will be served in the Draught Haus, one of the main bars on board Scarlet Lady; located on Deck 7, it has been designed as a casual watering hole for friends on board to enjoy the wide range of beverages available, from beers on tap to bottled artisanal beers and beer cocktails.

The bar will also offer a ‘growler service’, so passengers can enjoy the expertly curated craft beers in any of the Scarlet Lady’s public spaces or in their cabin.

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