World of Cruising: Supporting You During the Crisis

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Despite the chaos, World of Cruising and Real Response Media is on hand to support you during the crisis

The current situation is undoubtedly one of the worst crises the travel sector has faced. Recent events have left many wondering what the future holds. However, despite the uncertainty, cruise has once again demonstrated that, in times of difficulty, the industry stands as one.

While no one knows quite how this situation will develop over the coming weeks and months, we will support you in any way we can. Yes, we all face immense challenges, but we fully intend to continue publishing your monthly magazine, (Cruise Trade News/World of Cruising), featuring all you need to help you in your work.

We are all working to the best of our abilities, as we strive to bring you, our readers, colleagues and friends, the latest updates and important information.

Everyone here at Real Response Media/Cruise Trade News/World of Cruising stands ready to do whatever we can to ensure the cruise industry thrives. Please get in touch – [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected] – with any questions or suggestions on how we can support you.

What must be remembered is that things will get better. We must speak as one voice and look forward to the good times ahead. Let’s stay strong.