Sea Cloud II

Why cruise on this ship?

The SEA CLOUD II can be recognised as the true sister ship of the legendary SEA CLOUD, but has its own, very unique character. It combines the high standards expected of a modern cruise ship with the unique atmosphere of a romantic tall ship.

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Sea Cloud's meals are served in the Restaurant in single seatings. They focus on local and continental cuisine and feature wines that compliment the dishes beautifully.


As a boutique-size ship, Sea Cloud offers a range of entertainment facilities, including a lounge and sundeck.


Please note: Sea Cloud does not offer any dedicated enrichment facilities.

Health and fitness

There are no health and fitness facilities located onboard Sea Cloud. However, passengers are welcome to swim from the ship once the captain has selected and anchored the ship at a suitable location.

Swimming from Sea Cloud is more than your average jump into the sea. Like everything aboard, it is a special event unto itself. Site selection is important, as the captain looks to anchor the ship where it will provide a calm and sunny spot with a spectacular view. Down go the safety lines, to which a dozen or so floating mattresses are strung as a boundary. The gangway is lowered into the water, and the hotel manager lifeguard calls out with exuberance, “The pool is open!”

Soon, the sea is filled with smiling, laughing bobble-heads, buoyed up by the clear ocean’s salinity. This makes it easy to have the best experience of all on a Sea Cloud swim: swimming on your back or lying on a floating mattress, and looking up in awe at the towering masts and rigging above. Fellow shipmates line the rails taking photos of the swimmers, who are looking far, far beyond up into the heavens, which seem to be tickled with the tops of Sea Cloud’s four masts. Feeling of floating in the sea with the rigging reaching into the heavens stays with us forever, and is yet another exclamation point in a day in the life of Sea Cloud.

Kids and teens

Please note: Sea Cloud does not offer any dedicated children's facilities.


Due to Sea Cloud's age and history, there is a vast difference between the cabins on the Main Deck and those on the Promenade and Captain's Decks. The Main Deck's suites and deluxe cabins are the ship's original cabins, featuring antique and period furniture, whilst the ones above feature modern, stylish and comfortable furniture.

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