Around the World in 80 Days from Liverpool

  • 81 nights, departs on the 21st Feb 2023
  • Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Borealis
  • Liverpool, Southampton, Lisbon + 33 more
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Fred Olsen Cruise Lines is a traditional cruise line has been catering predominantly to a British clientele since it began operations back in 1948, with sailings from UK ports as well as fly-cruises. The Norwegian-owned company announced this year that it is retiring much-loved ships Boudicca and Black Watch, replacing them with two ships previously operated by Carnival Corporation-owned Holland America Line. Bolette and sister vessel Borealis – formerly Amsterdam and Rotterdam – will increase the cruise line’s capacity by nearly a third, offering larger public areas on board. However, with a capacity of fewer than 1,400 guests apiece, the new arrivals will retain the classic small-ship feel for which Fred Olsen has become known. Taking over Black Watch and Boudicca’s itineraries, the ships are due to launch in March and April 2021, respectively. Along with its four ocean-going ships, Fred Olsen also has a dedicated river ship, Brabant, built in 2006 and with a capacity of 156 passengers and 40 crew.

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Bearing a name that previously bestowed an Olsen-owned vessel in the 1940s, and inspires thoughts of the Aurora Borealis, elegant Borealis proudly connects with, and represents, our founding family’s history and Norwegian heritage. Stylish, spacious and comfortable, with capacity for fewer than 1,400 guests, she’s in keeping with our commitment to offering a more traditional style of cruising.

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