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Paris & the Heart of Normandy

  • 7 nights, departs on the 10th May 2023
  • Viking River Cruises, Viking Kari
  • Paris, Paris, La Roche-Guyon + 7 more
£3,295 *pp for an Outside Cabin
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Viking is the largest river cruise line operators in the world, with a fleet of 76 ships running sailings across four continents on an army of award-winning ships. The river arm of Viking is just one of Viking's cruise options, the super-premium Norwegian ocean cruise line known for its superlative cruise experience, small ships with Scandi-chic interiors and fantastic destination and cultural enrichment programme. On the river, Viking offers cruisers the chance to sail in Europe, Asia, Africa and very soon the US, offering facilities like sundeck swimming pools, relaxing Aquavit terraces and well-stocked libraries. Continually making new additions and expanding, Viking has recently upped its Nile river cruise game with two new ships, and is set to sail the Mississippi river in 2022. The cruise line also champions themed cruises, taking passengers to the likes of the Passion Play at Oberammergau and offering exclusive pre-and post-cruise land tours.

Cruise Itinerary

Day 1
Your adventure begins in Paris
Day 2
Day 3
La Roche-Guyon
Day 3
Day 4
At sea
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Les Andelys
Day 7
Le Pecq
Day 8

Viking Kari, ship details

Kari - Norse God of the North Wind
Eldest son of the ancient giant Fornjot, Kari was the god of the north wind, capable of carrying great Viking longships across vast waters. He is associated with the very breath of life, providing air for the lungs of mortals and teaching people how to use song to heal themselves and others.

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£3,295*pp for an Outside Cabin  Cruise with Flight
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