Rolling on the Rhine

  • 7 nights, departs on the 21st Aug 2021
  • U by Uniworld, The B
  • Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Rüdesheim + 5 more
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U by Uniworld is Uniworld’s younger, more edgy sister, a new cruise line offering Uniworld’s signature market-leading river cruises but in a more modern environment and aimed at a younger audience. The cruise line was designed to attract younger and more active audiences to river cruising, offering adventurous and action-packed cruises across the waterways of Europe. U by Uniworld’s signature black ships are like floating resorts, modern, minimalistic and boasting communal dining tables, lounges that turn into nightclubs and even yoga studios and spas. U by Uniworld operates a handful of exciting itineraries on the Rhine and Danube and a host of themed sailings, all of which are all-inclusive.

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Your adventure begins in Frankfurt
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The B, ship details

When your waterfront hotel is also your taxi, bar, favorite restaurant, nightclub and yoga studio, travel becomes a bit more relaxed and a lot more hassle-free.

Onboard, you can expect everything you’d find in your favorite boutique hotel. But here’s the best part. Your floating boutique hotel makes it extra-easy to visit several European destinations in a single trip while only having to unpack once.

The B cruises down France’s Seine River. Her chic style and Parisian influence will put you in the French spirit even before stepping off.

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