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Spain, Denmark

  • 126 nights, departs on the 7th Jan 2022
  • MSC Cruises, MSC Poesia
  • Barcelona, Lisbon, Funchal, Madeira + 60 more
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£12,788*pp for an Inside Cabin
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Swiss-based cruise line MSC Cruises has an international presence with passengers from all over the world embarking on its ships each year. MSC Cruises has 19 ships in its fleet, with the 6,297-passenger ship MSC Virtuosa having launched this year, following on from the Meraviglia-class ships Bellissima and Grandiosa, which were welcomed in 2019. The cruise line has ambitious plans for expansion, having announced that it will be entering into the ultra-luxury market with four new vessels, each catering for 1,000 guests. The first of the new generation of MSC ships will come into service in the spring of 2023 and the venture will have its own brand name, yet to be unveiled. MSC Cruises will also be launching the first of four LNG-powered World-class ships in 2022.

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MSC Poesia, ship details

Able to cater for well over 2,000 passengers, she is a large resort ship that has options that should entertain the entire family.

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£12,788 *pp


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£17,204 *pp

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£12,788*pp for an Inside Cabin
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