Treasures of the Danube

  • 14 nights, departs on the 24th Sept 2022
  • Emerald Waterways, Emerald Destiny
  • Regensburg, Regensburg, Passau + 12 more
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Shiny Emerald Waterways is a relatively new river cruise line, launching in 2014 and a division of luxury cruise operator Scenic. The cruise line offers both ocean and river cruises, headquartered in the UK and offering sailings in Europe, Asia, Africa and Russia. Emerald Waterways offers some of the most premium ships in the industry, with its deluxe fleet of Star-Ships the pinnacle of cruising comfort and style, boasting sun decks, heated pools, modern cabins and even an on board cinema. While the cruise lines offers a super-premium all-inclusive experience and ships are five-star floating hotels, sailing with Emerald is all about the destination – and passengers can book a range of pre- and post-cruise programmes, particularly in Israel, Egypt and Jordan. Emerald Waterways also operates a super luxurious new yacht-style ship, Emerald Azzurra.

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Emerald Destiny, ship details

Emerald Destiny is one of five of our Emerald Waterways Star-Ships specially designed to traverse the Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle rivers in style. With tasteful and modern décor visible throughout the ship, including in the form of our three-tiered atrium that allows natural light to pour in and illuminate the interior.

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