Why choose Ilhabela

Ilhabela, a jewel off the coast of Brazil, was once a haven for pirates during a bygone era of trade, lending a mysterious allure to its emerald waters and lush landscapes. The island's subtropical climate is ideal for exploring its diverse ecosystems and secluded beaches, offering a real escape from the crowded tourist spots. Local cruise lines tap into Ilhabela’s authentic charm, providing visitors with a genuine taste of Brazilian scenery and spirit. The island is particularly known for hosting some of the world’s most competitive sailing events, making it a pivotal destination for maritime sports enthusiasts.

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Ilhabela's pivotal role in maritime history is not just about piracy; it also played a significant part in the coffee trade, which influenced global markets. This island, while extensively covered by travel bloggers, holds hidden gems that are largely unexplored, offering adventures that go beyond the usual tourist routes. Its historical significance and untouched natural beauty continue to inspire and attract explorers from around the world, seeking to experience its unique atmosphere firsthand.

For food enthusiasts, starting your day with a plate of Azul Marinho—fish stewed in banana leaves—is an invitation to culinary nirvana. Ilhabela serves up dishes crafted with unique ingredients like cambuci fruit and manioc, flavors you won’t find anywhere else. The local cuisine here is an adventure in itself, accessible enough for any palate to appreciate without the need for bravery, just a curiosity to taste the island’s vibrant, fresh flavors.

Cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises frequently visit Ilhabela, offering an array of shore excursions that promise adventure and relaxation alike. From hikes to Castelhanos Beach, tracing the old pirate routes, to snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters where infamous pirates once anchored their ships, there’s an experience tailored for every interest. The island's past residents, including the celebrated or infamous pirate Caiçara, lend a narrative of intrigue and discovery to each visit.