How should a spa treatment end, especially if it has been a good, deeply relaxing one?

Most of us just want to be left alone for a few minutes to gradually rejoin the world, and this is usually what happens. Occasionally, the ring of a Tibetan bell brings us back to reality; at other times, the lights are raised or the therapist asks what flavour of herbal tea we’d like.

Very occasionally – if you are really lucky – you are left alone for as long as you wish. To me, that is the ideal way. I know there is no rush, no need to leap off the massage bed to allow the next person in.

Of course, I understand the room must be made ready for the next treatment but I like the idea of being allowed time and space. I see it as part of the relaxation a treatment is all about and should be built into the time you book.

The very wrong way to end a treatment – and, sadly it is becoming more prevalent – is for the therapist to list all the products he or she used on you and exhort you to buy them.

And, while I understand many spas expect such sales and therapists rely on the commission, I also understand that I, the customer, do NOT want the hard-sell when lying naked under a towel. It ruins my relaxation and actually makes my mind up not to buy.

Far better, as you leave the spa, for a card to be handed to you with the products written on it so you can decide at leisure. Soft sell works better…