While many of us will sadly have to forgo a cruise holiday this year due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we can thankfully still enjoy the delights of cruising through our TV screens thanks to Jane McDonald and her highly-popular Channel 5 show, Cruising with Jane McDonald: Unseen.

In one of the recent episodes, Jane McDonald: Cruising Asia, the cruise starlet takes viewers on a journey up the mighty Mekong river, showcasing the region’s local culture, diverse cuisine and many hidden wonders.

And yet, while Jane makes many interesting revelations during her Southeast Asian adventure, the biggest is one that many of us are familiar with: seasickness.

Seasickness is something that even seasoned cruisers suffer from and is something that often puts off first-time cruisers from getting on board.

Jane McDonald sails the mighty Mekong river
Jane McDonald sails the mighty Mekong river

However, Jane reveals that those who are prone to suffer from nausea on boats and ships do not need to forgo cruising altogether, as there is a simple solution that many of you might not have thought of: go on a river cruise.

Jane, who sailed the Mekong on this particular occasion aboard AmaWaterways’ luxury 124-passenger RV AmaDara, argues how river cruising, unlike ocean cruising, is a far more placid mode of transportation.

“For anyone who hasn’t cruised before, who is a bit worried about seasickness, I’d recommend that you dip your toe into cruising with a river cruise because they are a lot more tranquil and also there is no motion sickness because it is really flat. You won’t feel seasick at all,” she said in the documentary.

Fortunately, river cruises are now back on the agenda following the UK government’s recent announcement that it would be excluding river cruises from its blanket guidance advising Britons against cruise ship travel at this time.

River cruise lines including CroisiEurope and Avalon have been leading the way with their European river cruises post-Covid-19, featuring newly enhanced health and safety protocols.

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