Jane McDonald returned to our TV screens this weekend with her new Channel 5 series, Jane McDonald’s Weekends Away, offering us a much-needed dose of sun and fun while many of us wait to travel again.

Jane revealed her favourite destinations for a short weekend away, which included Malta’s capital, Valletta, and the Greek island of Corfu, both of which are popular choices for British holidaymakers.

However, while enjoying wonderful hotels, cuisine and wine, lovesick Jane admits to feeling a tad lonely without her “other half”, partner Eddie, after speaking to a young couple on their honeymoon in a local restaurant in Valletta.

Jane said: “This is my perfect night, the only thing missing for me is my other half. This is just such a romantic place. Everywhere you look it’s a beautiful view, they’ve got fine wines, they’ve got great food. I love it here. Cheers to Malta.”

Jane and her partner Walter Rothe, better known as “Eddie”, have been together since 2007. The TV star has spoken candidly about how they dated as teenagers but broke things off as their careers took off in different directions.

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Valletta in Malta is one of Jane’s favourite hotspots for a weekend away

However, as if fate had planned it, the couple reunited 27 years later on our TV screens when Eddie happened to be a guest on Loose Women when Jane McDonald was a panellist.

Eddie asked Jane to marry him in 2008 and the pair remains engaged. The couple self-isolated together during lockdown and early on in the pandenic, shared a heartfelt message thanking all the “incredible people” helping us to get through the Covid-19 crisis.

Jane wrote: “I’m at home self-isolating with Ed and we wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’  to all the incredible people who are still working hard every day to look after us all, the wonderful doctors and nurses and everyone at the NHS, care workers, chemists and shop workers, delivery drivers, posties, refuse collectors and all those who are keeping things going for us. Everyone is doing an incredible job and we are grateful to each and every one of them. Thank you!”

The historic port city of Valletta is a popular port of call for cruise ships, but on this occasion, the Queen of Cruise instead explored much of the city on land in her new show.

Jane visited some of the city’s most popular tourist spots and landmarks, along with sampling some of the local delicacies, including piadinas, or homemade flatbreads, freshly-cooked seafood and locally-grown wine.

Of course, Jane couldn’t resist getting back on the water, booking a tour along the ancient harbour via Malta’s traditional mode of transport, Dgħajsa, which are colourful boats. Jane also hired a boat in Corfu to discover the Greek island’s beautiful coastline and secluded, romantic beaches.

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