Jane McDonald has been travelling the world on cruise ships for the last 30 years and has therefore had the privilege of staying in some of the most fabulous (and not so fabulous) cruise ship cabins over the years, as she revealed on her latest show, Cruising with Jane McDonald: Ships & Giggles.

For Jane, the best part of getting to stay in a huge range of cabins is “finding out what makes each one unique”.

Jane McDonald: Uniworld

While the cruise starlet has stayed on many luxurious ships, including river cruise line Uniworld’s S.S. Maria Theresa, which she describes as being akin to “a floating Dorchester”, there is one cabin in particular that appears to have surpassed the rest for Jane – the Owner’s Suite aboard Viking Sky, owned by Viking Cruises.

Walking inside the palatial suite, the Loose Women panellist was overjoyed and overwhelmed to find that she had her very own sauna and capacious private balcony.

Stepping out onto the exclusive balcony, the straight-talking Northerner exclaimed: “Look at this. You can sit there in the nuddy and nobody can see you.”

Jane McDonald: Uniworld

Of course, it’s not always the lap of luxury for the cruising star and Jane McDonald isn’t afraid of offering her critique of cabins that do not quite get her expert seal of approval.

On a cruise in Croatia, Jane revealed that one thing that she does not like about cruise ship cabins are those that have bathrooms with no door on the loo.

“I like a good solid door on my toilet,” she said candidly. “Call me old-fashioned but I like a door on my khazi. And that’s it.”

Of course, it has not all been ‘ships and giggles’ for Jane McDonald of late. Last week, the Queen of Cruise announced the devasting news that her Floating Festivals cruise had been cancelled by the company due to the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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