Cruise to Cagliari

Known in Sardinia as Casteddu, Cagliari will enchant and cast a spell on you, just as it did on the famed writer D.H Lawrence. Lawrence proclaimed that he found Cagliari to be "strange and rather wonderful, not a bit like Italy".

That's not to say that Italy is un-wonderful. Lawrence basically summarised how most people feel when exploring Cagliari - it's not just another Italian city. There's something quite different here. The city is stratified beyond words, and wonderfully diverse.

Cagliari's diversity is firmly rooted in history. The city was founded during the 8th Century BC by the Phoenicians, before being dominated by the Romans, the Arabs, the Pisans, and the Punics, alongside the Aragonese. Each civilization left its stamp, crafting a multi-layered metropolis for the ages.

Why cruise Cagliari

Cagliari is heaven on earth for anyone who enjoys culture, scuba diving, architecture, local cuisine, and lush heritage. The cities growing popularity as a holiday hotspot stems from excellent facilities, perfect temperatures, beautiful beaches, and a stunning coastline.

As a popular destination for millionaires and jet-setters, Cagliari offers a vast array of restaurants and cafes, alongside modern museums, and a captivatingly variegated mantra largely unseen across any other Italian city.

Then there's the ace card. You'll find the area has some of the finest wines on the planet. Enjoy them while you are there, as you won't find them outside of Sardinia and mainland Italy.

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