Olly Smith has been on a number of trips on the Azura and has a few more planned throughout the year. During these cruise breaks he has presented a number of wine-tasting sessions at The Glass House and also taken part in one-to-one discussions where he enjoys listening to feedback about the different wines from other cruisers.

With a choice of 32 wines, passengers are sure to find one to suit their tastes, plus with the new ‘Wine flight’ wine tasting, passengers are able to try wines they may not have had the opportunity to try before. Guests can order one of the seven varieties of Wine flights where they will be presented with three different glasses of wine. The Wine flight gives guests the opportunity to learn about wine tasting and the concepts behind many different wines.

The Glass House also presents a new way of storing wines enabling guests to enjoy their choice of wines by the glass. The system involves using innovative inert gas to prevent the wine reacting with oxygen, and therefore preserving the characteristics and flavours of the wine. This allows guests to enjoy a variety of wines without having to purchase the whole bottle.