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River regions


Europe is made up of some of the most iconic rivers in the world. The continent’s major rivers…

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South America

Grandiose rivers sweep across the continent of South America, whose tributaries extend across…

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North America

The United States of America plays host to an all-star cast of stunning rivers and colossal lakes…

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Africa is a diverse and fascinating continent, rich in breathtaking landscapes, amazing wildlife…

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Far East

From China’s magnificent Yangtze River to the lush Mekong Delta and the mystical Irrawaddy, the…

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The Rhine River is one of the world’s most popular, and most beautiful, waterways to cruise on.…

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The River Moselle is the serene sister of the mighty River Rhine, a tributary of the great river…

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The Elbe river is a very popular European waterway to cruise on, offering passengers the chance to…

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The river Oder is one of Europe’s hidden gems, starting in the mountains of the Czech Republic and…

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There’s something extraordinarily romantic about the Blue Danube, the second-longest waterway in…

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The romantic Rhône is one of France’s most beautiful and majestic waterways, sailing past rolling…

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The inimitable Seine is France’s best-known river, a mighty waterway rising northwest of Burgundy’s…

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Often living in the shadows of the Seine and Rhône, the Saône is France’s most underrated river to…

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To cruise on the River Po is to sail right through northern Italy’s majestic heartlands, past…

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The Douro river is a beautiful tapestry of gold, red and green. Gold, for the rolling sun-tinged…

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