For those of you who think spa holidays are all about lying about on silken sofas in incense-infused relaxation rooms, think again.

Taking our lead from our Cover Story on Adventure Cruising, here is the on-land version.

These days, there are spa holidays for all preferences and needs and many of them involve all types of adventures.

WALK WITHIN – this is a gentle way to introduce your body and mind to a different type of spa experience. In fact, it is a whole new concept which a new company is offering – walking holidays in some of the most beautiful areas of Umbria, Majorca and Andalucia.

Described as “an insightful journey into yourself,” the seven-day holiday is a mixture of walking, massages and counselling (the latter mostly to remove energy and psychological blocks, and allow each individual to realise his or her true potential).

Led by Stefania Piazzalunga, a psychotherapist whose passion is walking, they are the nearest thing to a spa for the soul. While the walking is not strenuous, it can be energetic and takes place every morning for between three and four hours, during which guests are encouraged to be contemplative in the stunning surroundings.

Accommodation is in seriously beautiful private houses with magnificent food.

For further information, visit or call 020 7584 7900; prices from