Much as I love spas, sometimes they can be simply exhausting – and that’s from just reading the treatment menu. There is too much jargon and too many confusing descriptions of what are essentially very simple treatments. Take ‘journey’ – there is hardly a spa on the planet that doesn’t offer a journey, which involves a scrub or a bath, a wrap and a massage and a facial or manicure thrown in for good measure. To me, this doesn’t conjure up a journey.

It is NOT a journey, I have just made a journey to get to the spa, I know what a journey is, now I’m in a spa, I want to lie down. The same goes for ‘ritual’ another spa special. As far as the dictionary is concerned a ritual is a series of actions in a prescribed order, mostly in a religious ceremony. A mud wrap and massage? I don’t think so. All I want to say to spa providers is – keep it simple, and tell it like it is. Most of these treatments are great in themselves, they don’t need poshing

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