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Valiant Lady, Western Mediterranean and Atlantic


11 night cruise round Portugal & Canary Islands. Absolute disaster from start to finish, terrible food, cold food, ran out of drink, fresh water machines not working, no WiFi, blocked toilets, no water to wash hands in toilets, awful entertainment, promised an 80’s extravaganza for 11 nights, it was a total of 3 hours. Our booking agent imagine cruising messed up with port bookings/weren’t booked, missed 2 ports. Disembarkation an absolute shambles, ramps too steep people falling with luggage, just the worst holiday ever, spent £7k for the rockstar experience more like FLOPSTAR. Imagine Cruising need to step up and give full refunds but they have washed there hands of over 350 very upset passengers. Virgin staff with covid isolating onboard before we left Portsmouth, 100’s caught covid, this cruise should never have been allowed to embark due to covid, but imagine cruising have put profit before peoples health and wellbeing. Hoping we will be fobbed off with some insulting offer, NO NO NO !! Small claims court here I come, DNATA travel need to step in and sort out Imagine cruising as they own 51% of this terrible company !!! Husband and I still suffering long covid after 6 weeks, after catching covid from the cruise from hell !!

Response from Virgin Voyages: We are sorry that you had a disappointing cruise. As we've discussed with everyone who sailed on this voyage this cruise was a charter organised by Imagine Cruising and the cruise was not the quality we would expect to deliver as standard with Virgin Voyages.

Post Date: 16/05/2022
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David wrote a review in Sep, 2021
My wife and I spent a rock star week on the new Virgin Voyages cruise ship Scarlet Lady and what a blast it was! An Excellent Seacation along the south coast on a fun and lively ship. Food and serv...
Susan wrote a review in Mar, 2022
We had an excellent cruise on Scarlet Lady despite the fact we were not in the agee bracket it was aimed at. It is a fun ship with excellent food. The entertainment was interesting! Our cabin was c...
Sharon wrote a review in Mar, 2022
Dave wrote a review in May, 2022
I have seen Virgin Voyages described as 'good for a weeks party cruise with dad paying' and that is pretty close. The programme onboard is based around the idea that you sleep in the day and disco at...

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