Why choose South America

South America welcomes you with open arms, offering a vibrant selection of countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. Each offers a distinct climate—from the sultry heat of the Amazon rainforest to the crisp air of the Andean highlands. This variety creates a sanctuary for those seeking genuine experiences far from typical tourist hotspots. Here, every visit becomes a deep dive into the real spirit of each nation's traditions, displaying a colorful, lively society that pulses with the rhythms of folk music and local festivities. A captivating fact about South America is that it houses the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls, in Venezuela, showcasing nature's unparalleled artistry.

Find your perfect cruise!

Booking a cruise holiday to South America means experiencing the grandeur of the past with companies like Holland America and Princess Cruises, who specialize in revealing each country's enchanting stories through carefully curated shore excursions. You'll have the chance to tread paths where historical figures once stood, from the revolutionary Che Guevara in Argentina to the ancient Incan emperor Pachacuti in Peru. These excursions not only enlighten but also immerse you in the true essence of South American life.

The introduction to South American cuisine could easily start with Peru's ceviche—a zesty blend of fresh fish marinated in tangy lime juice and spiced with chili peppers. This dish encapsulates the boldness of local flavors, which include exotic ingredients like the nutrient-rich acai berry and the versatile cassava root, found only in this part of the world. These flavors offer a culinary adventure where you don't need to be an intrepid food explorer to appreciate the unique tastes offered.

South America has always been a pivotal player in the realm of global exploration, drawing adventurers and scholars alike. While modern influencers may seem to have charted all its corners, the truth is much of its charm lies off the beaten path. Hidden villages and secluded landscapes hold the secrets of ancient civilizations, offering more than just picturesque scenes but a connection to the past that continues to inspire global art and architecture.