Belmond Launches Exciting Series of Virtual Theatre Programmes

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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Named Belmond Invitations, the digital theatre sessions start tonight with a performance by pianist Joe Stilgoe

Belmond operates some of the most exquisite and unique hotels, trains and cruise ships in the world, including the luxurious Venice Simplon-Orient Express.

Despite having to close many of their outlets due to coronavirus, the glamorous hotel and leisure group has launched an exciting new initiative – Belmond Invitations.

Launching on its digital platforms tonight (27 March) at 6pm GMT, Belmond Invitations is a series of virtual theatre programmes, live-streamed in from across the world.

The series will kick off with renowned pianist Joe Stilgoe, in honour of the roaring 20s-themed party Belmond was due to host this weekend in Venice on board the Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express.

Starting at 6pm, the session will appear live on the brand’s Instagram feed, helping us transport our minds to a place outside our homes.

Joe will host a special concert and bring a touch of 1920s glamour to people’s homes, inviting us all to raise a glass of our favourite tipple.

The performance from Joe is just the first in what is set to be a string of special digital performances, all hosted by Belmond.

Belmond Venice Simplon Orient Express
The live stream replaces a party that was meant to take place on the train this weekend

More live-streamed performances will be announced at a later date, with announcements made on Belmond’s social media handles.

Along with stunning digital performances, the brand is set to release more content across its platforms in the upcoming weeks, including a ‘Good Living’ journey.

The content will feature meditation by wellness experts Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips, access to recipes and ideas for home spa therapies.

All of Belmond’s individual hotels, along with trains, cruises and safaris, will also be creating their own unique digital offering throughout the coronavirus lockdown.

So, all that’s left to do is put the bubbly in the fridge and prepare to tune in tonight at 6pm.

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