Dreaming of Cruise Holidays: Passengers Reveal Why They Will Still Cruise After Coronavirus

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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Passengers tell us why they will be back on board following the coronavirus crisis

Cruising has many devoted fans who are desperate to get back on board. World of Cruising readers are eager to tell us why they’ll stay true to cruise once the global coronavirus pandemic is over.

Francesca Wellman, from Merseyside

“Cruising gives you a chance to see the world, connecting you with people, places and communities you had no idea existed. There are so many people who are dependent on cruising and tourism that need our business.

“So we should support them as much as those working in the cruise industry itself. With conditions like norovirus around, cruise ships are always ready to look after their passengers and keep them as healthy as possible.

“I think this pandemic will see health and safety procedures on ships tighten and become more efficient, and I think I’ll feel as safe as it’s possible to feel in the future.

“If there’s anything this pandemic is teaching us, it’s to appreciate every chance you get. You never know what is around the corner.”

Anthony Marshall, from Fife Scotland

Cruise coronavirus: love letters to cruise holidays

“We have cruises booked for 2021 with Princess Cruises and Cunard, and we’re looking forward to them. We’re also monitoring the situation and looking at cruising later this year. I’ve been a cruisaholic since I was eight – I’ve been on more than 50.

“I have the utmost confidence in the industry because I’ve seen its passionate approach to helping guests. Going forward, I’m not overly concerned about health and safety on board cruise ships.

“There is always ample sanitiser and the crew keep everything cleaned to a high standard. I have never felt in danger on board. You should continue to cruise if you are fit and well; the virus didn’t originate on a ship, it’s just been highly unfortunate that ships have been so affected.

“I’m sending my best wishes to all of the tireless, hard-working people who make the industry what it is. When things are better and healthier, the great cruising days will be back again.”

Amanda Rush Edward, from London

“Since our first ever cruise, a family trip to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday in 2010, we’ve been lucky enough to cruise every year – and we’ve no intention of stopping now.

“We are happy to continue cruising because cruise ships are incredibly clean, unlike many planes you fly on. To anybody wondering whether or not to book a cruise in the future, I say just do it.

“My only word of caution is to research which ones are dealing with this crisis well, and support them with a booking.”

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