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I'm Back On The Water: Jane McDonald Teases Fans With First-Look At New Show

Author: Isabella Sullivan

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Jane McDonald has teased fans by sharing a behind-the-scenes photo from the filming of her new show. Much to our delight, she is back on the water

Jane McDonald has only gone and made us more excited than ever for her new TV show, by sharing a sneaky behind-the-scenes photo from her new show.

The Queen of Cruise is currently filming, and took to her social media account to tease fans with the snapshot.

Posting on her Twitter account, Jane wrote: "I'm back out on the water... it's not quite the open sea but I'm still having a fantastic time (and working hard!!). #rivercruising @miatuibags"

The photo shows a delighted Jane standing on either a river ship, barge or jetty - next to a river with swimming ducks fringed by green parkland.


Glowing, despite the grey sky, the singer and presenter can be seen wearing a bright orange coat and carrying a brown Mia Tui handbag.

Delighted at the tweet, Jane's fans were quick to show their appreciation.

One fan wrote: "Lovely to see that smile again Our beautiful Jane, Also its great to see you doing what you luv doing and being back on the water [sic]."

Another added: "Ooh. Fab. I've enjoyed watching your cruises during lockdown. Gives us a bit of hope!"

One fan wrote: "There’s not many joys in life but watching Jane on her tv shows is one of them! [sic]".

The tweet is a follow up to the exciting announcement the 57-year-old made last week, revealing to fans that she was back filming again.

Posting on Twitter, Jane wrote: “I’m back filming again! It’s fantastic to be out and about and I’m having a brilliant time.”

The photo showed Jane grinning from ear-to-ear, enjoying the autumn sunshine by a lovely river.

While Cruising with Jane McDonald ended earlier this year, the star has luckily still been on our screens with her latest TV series, Jane McDonald's Weekends Away.

In a recent episode of Jane McDonald's Weekends Away, the star opened up about she was missing her long-term partner, Eddie.

Making up for lost time, Jane spent the coronavirus lockdown with her fiance Eddie, sharing a very special message from the two of them during the height of the pandemic, back in April.