MSC Cruises Reveals Exciting Plans for Futuristic New Guest Technology

Author: Tom Mcghie

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From personalised smart cabins to human-centric entertainment, MSC Cruises is striving to keep up to date with the rise of technology

‘The Future of the Guest Experience’, was revealed today by MSC Cruises – a brand new report which explores trends which will impact the future of the travel industry.

The report is a pledge to keep using cutting edge technology to give customers the most luxurious experience possible.

MSC Cruises has started this new decade with some exciting ideas for the future, including personalized smart cabins and human-centric entertainment

Created in partnership with The Future Laboratory, one of the world’s leading future consultancies, the report highlights what companies need to be doing to satisfy the modern customer in a rapidly changing technological world.

Smart Rooms on-board MSC Cruises

Mr Vago, MSC Cruises’ Executive Chairman said: “One of the challenges of the cruise industry is that we need to design and build new ships that will still be cutting-edge for our guests 30 years from now”.

This report is a comprehensive outlining of how the company intend to cater for ‘the guest of the future’; they identify the needs of the customer and just how important it is to be sustainable.

Mr Vago added: “innovation and consumer trends are at the very core of our DNA and we need to have a strong and clear vision for the future whilst combining this with timeless style. Through intelligent innovation and design, with strong commitment to sustainable travel, we will be able to facilitate all kinds of future experiences.”

Some of the plans for the future that were in the report were to continue to push Data ID Wallets. This will enable MSC Cruises to create a truly dynamic, seamless and hyper-personalised guest experience.

MSC Cruises is already one of the leading lights when it comes to using the most up to date technology on their ships. In March last year, they introduced ‘ZOE’, the world’s first virtual cruise assistant which speaks seven different languages and anticipates the needs of the customers. This means that the company’s trips are now inclusive for all.

Data ID Wallets to be used on-board MSC Cruises

As well as this, the company is bringing this inclusive approach to the on-board entertainment. The new Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows on board their Meraviglia class ships are all non-language specific, making them accessible to all. MSC Cruises are breaking demographic barriers and giving their shows universal appeal.

With the next ten years set to be defined by the rise of technology, MSC Cruises has entered this new decade with a bold statement of intent and are incredibly well placed to stay up to speed with the new trends in cruise technology.