Saga cruises: ‘Discovery and adventure present an exciting opportunity’

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Ahead of the launch of Spirit of Discovery, Saga Travel’s CEO reveals what the sparkling new ship has in store…

Saga is just weeks away from launching its highly anticipated boutique ship Spirit of Discovery, a ship that will carry fewer than 1,000 passengers and take inspiration from some of London’s most glamorous hotels and restaurants, setting the luxury bar high for the rest of the fleet.

Ahead of its inaugural voyage around Britain, Saga revealed that none other than the Duchess of Cornwall would be given the coveted honour of Spirit of Discovery’s Godmother, a role which fellow royals like the Duchess of Cambridge and Hollywood icons such as Sophia Loren have also been graced with.

The new ship presenting a ‘fantastic opportunity’, Saga Travel CEO Robin Shaw tells Cruise Trade News, as the line seeks to become ‘the best cruise line operating out of the UK, bar none’.

Why is the Duchess of Cornwall the right godmother for Spirit of Discovery?

Saga cruises: Spirit of Discovery
Saga Travel CEO, Robin Shaw

We have unashamedly focused on the fact we are a British cruise line. We have designed the new ships with a focus on British contemporary design so it makes sense to reinforce that with a very prestigious godmother. We are very proud and privileged she has accepted.

How are preparations for the grand unveiling of Spirit of Discovery?

Everything is on schedule and we are very confident that we will take delivery of the ship on 20 June. She will arrive into Dover on the 28 June and we culminate with the naming on 5 July. There is still lots of work to do, as is always the case, but we are very pleased with progress.

How do you intend to keep this momentum going?

Spirit of Discovery was three and a half years in the making and then we’re going to get another ship just 14 months after that (Spirit of Adventure launches summer 2020). However, that’s one part of the journey. The next stage is the customer experience – that’s going to be the most important piece of this.

Saga Cruises: Spirit of Discovery Godmother
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will be Saga Discovery’s Godmother

We have set ourselves the challenge of raising the bar in every single way – service, dining, offshore experiences. Now it is about delivering. We think we will be the best cruise line operating out of the UK, bar none. That’s our objective with the new ships.

In regards to the design of the ships, is it fair to say you are taking a slightly new direction for Saga?

I think there is a perception that the older generation is stuck in a time warp – that is not the case. Our guests have aspirations to do things and see things. The 70-year-old of today is so, so different to the 70-year-old of 20 years ago.

With the design, we think we have hit the mark with boutique cruising. The design is not what you get with a cookie-cutter approach; it is meant to be individual. While we are ecstatic with the design of Spirit of Discovery, we took a decision to give Spirit of Adventure a very different look and feel. The idea is that whatever public space guests are in, they will know what ship they are on.

Could we expect a third new build in the future?

We have enough on our plate at the moment with Spirit of Discovery and Spirit of Adventure. That’s utmost on our agenda. It’s a fantastic opportunity we have and ultimately, if the demand is there, then the rest will follow.

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